Writing Across the Campus

Writing Across the Campus

Writing Matters at Methodist University

Methodist University recognizes the importance of writing to the acquisition and communication of knowledge and ideas. Therefore, the university maintains a Writing Across the Campus program that engages all constituencies—students, faculty, staff, and the larger community—in ongoing writing improvement and appreciation. From the President’s Blog to the Southern Writers Symposium, writing matters at Methodist University.

Writing Matters to Students

Students initially engage with writing at Methodist through the Composition Program—a sequence of classes designed to prepare students for college-level writing. Students are supported in their writing efforts by the Writing Center, which provides top-quality tutoring, workshops, presentations, and other services.

The university acknowledges excellence in student writing through opportunities like the following:

  • an award for the Best Freshman Essay (certificate and $100 award presented by the composition faculty to the first-year student who writes the best essay in a composition class);
  • the Writing Center Achievement Award (certificate and $50 gift card from Barnes & Noble Booksellers, presented to the student who has shown the greatest progress in his or her writing during the current academic year);
  • acceptance into the Writing Scholars program;
  • acceptance into the Writing Center Student Consultant Program;
  • publication in Tapestry, the university’s literary magazine;
  • publication in the Monarch Review, the university’s scholarly journal;
  • participation in smallTalk, the campus newspaper.

Writing Matters to Faculty

Methodist University faculty receive significant support for their own scholarly and creative writing. Faculty may apply for course releases to work on their own writing, and the Writing Center is available to help faculty prepare papers for presentation or publication.

MU faculty are also committed to improving students’ writing ability. For every major at Methodist University, there is a WAC Plan that describes how each department works on improving students’ writing skills. These plans follow as closely as possible the Guidelines for Writing Enrichment Courses. A yearly Writing Across the Curriculum Award is presented to a faculty member or academic department demonstrating exceptional commitment to improving student writing. The award recipient is selected by the Writing Across the Campus Committee.

The following resources are available to help faculty incorporate writing into their classes:

  • The Writing Center has handouts and other resources for faculty;
  • Writing Matters workshops help faculty teach writing effectively;
  • The Writing Matters Hotline is available to faculty seeking quick answers to questions about grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
  • Summer Readings on Writing Matters engage faculty in reading current articles about various aspects of writing and teaching.
  • Dirty Dozen workshops are offered throughout the school year for faculty seeking to improve their grammatical skills.
  • Writing Scholars are available to selected faculty to assist in paper grading.
  • The Writing Matters Glossary provides terms and definitions to be used in syllabi, writing prompts, and rubrics.
  • The WAC Director is available to consult with individual faculty, small groups of faculty, and/or entire departments or schools on any and all issues related to writing instruction.  All faculty are especially encouraged to avail themselves of the WAC Director’s “translation” services.

Writing Matters to Staff

Methodist University staff engage in writing on a daily basis and are committed to writing in a manner that is clear and grammatically correct.  Staff are supported in their efforts by the Writing Center’s numerous resources, and a yearly Writing Across the Campus Award is presented to a staff person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to improving his or her own writing and/or the writing of other staff or students by using the following supports:

  • Writing Resources presentations are 5-10-minute explanations of the writing resources available to staff.
  • Dirty Dozen workshops have been specifically designed for presentations to departments.
  • The Writing Matters Hotline is available to staff seeking quick answers to questions about grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
  • Memo writing workshops review the fundamentals of effective communication in memo format.
  • E-mail communication workshops review the fundamentals of effective e-mail communication.

Writing Matters to Everyone

Methodist University is committed to serving the community by promoting excellence in writing through the following programs:


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