Venues Available


Price (per day)

Athletic Fields
Intramural Fields N/A $150
  Varsity Fields Varying $400
Berns Student Center
Upstairs Union 200 $600
Alumni Dining Room 80 $650 per 8 hours
Heritage Room 40 $500 per 8 hours
Hensdale Chapel 80 $500
March F. Riddle Physical Activities Center
Gymnasium 1,200 $900
Classrooms 20-30 $150
Nimocks Fitness Center    
  Gymnasium   $700
Clark Hall
Yarborough Auditorium 145 $350
Classrooms 28 $150
Math & Computer Science Building
Classrooms 30 $150
O’Hanlon Amphitheatre 600 $250
Reeves Fine Arts Building
Huff Concert Hall (lobbies included) 1,160 $900
Classrooms 40 $150
Lobbies (Front, North, South) 40-50 ea. $400
Science Building
H-222 Auditorium 198 $300
   H-122 Auditorium 50 $300
Classrooms 40 $150
Trustees Building
Classrooms 10-40 $150
Medical Science Building    
   Lecture Hall 160 $600
   Breakout Rooms 40 $250 per room
Residence Hall Rooms   Per Person / Per Night
   Cumberland & Sanford 2 per room $20 pp/pn
   Garber & Weaver                  
   West & Pearce
2 per room $25 pp/pn
   Cape Fear Commons / North Hall 4 per apt. /2 per room $30 pp/pn

Methodist University makes every effort to schedule events in appropriate venues without conflicting with normal operations of the university or other special events. Users of the facilities are expected to comply with all university regulations outlined in the Methodist University Handbook, Facility Rental Guidelines, and the Usage Contract.

Methodist University reserves the right to deny use of its facilities at any time due to scheduling conflicts, events at odds with the university’s mission, failure to comply with university regulations or failure to remit payment.


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