Nursing Program

Nursing Program

Nursing Department Chair: Dr. Larry W. Goins

Grant Directive: Nursing Program

Demonstrated Tech Enrichment (led by the MU Nursing Program): To demonstrate the power of technology to enhance learning, specifically for simulation-based courses and collaborative learning experiences, our new Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program will provide the model. Our BSN curriculum was designed to cross disciplinary lines to provide real-world health experiences. Title III support will enable us to teach other program faculty to follow this example. In Years 2-4, support is requested for BSN to work with Environmental and Occupational Management, Applied Forensic Science, and Physician Assistant programs to develop a collaborative experience extremely relevant to 21st century America. Together they will create virtual hospital, using technology to simulate community emergencies that require combined knowledge, skills, and abilities. The curricular opportunities that will be designed will include, at a minimum, student hands-on experiences with disaster preparation and response, emergency management, and on-scene leadership. Students will be able to experience first-hand how emergency health providers, scientists, environmentalists, public safety, and public relations experts work together to manage and diffuse the most urgent community crises that are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. These tech-infused courses will make maximum use of the technology available to our students and, with the assistance of community agencies, to current practitioners as well. Not only will this program provide a valuable academic experience for health students, but BSN and partner faculty will teach pedagogical and curricular strategies to other MU faculty, motivating them to develop similar innovative opportunities within their own disciplines. New programs will underscore our reputation as a modern, comprehensive university providing highly-relevant academic programs.


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