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Theatre Requirements

Degrees awarded: B.A., A.A.

Requirements for the major in Theatre: The course requirements for a major in Theatre are designed for
maximum flexibility in creating the ideal curriculum for each individual student. B.A. candidates are required to take THE 1620 (Theatre Survey), THE 1630 (Basic Stagecraft), THE 3110 (Theatrical History and Literature I), THE 3120 (Theatrical History and Literature II), THE 3650 (Acting I), THE 4670 (Play Direction I) and 24 s.h. chosen from THE courses and the following: ART 1010, 2030, COM 3660, ENG 3260, 3740, MUS 1180, 1510, 1520, WRI 3260. B.A. candidates are also required to demonstrate proficiency at the 1020 level in one foreign language.

n.b. -- Other courses from outside the Theatre Department not listed above, particularly within the School of Arts and Humanities, can be offered toward the major with the permission of the Theatre Department Chair, the student’s advisor, and the instructor of the course.

Requirements for the Associate of Arts in Theatre: 21 s.h. total – THE 1620, 1630, 3110 or 3120, 3650, and one design course (THE 3610, 3620, 3680 or 3690), plus 6 s.h. chosen from any combination of Theatre Department courses and/or the electives outside the Theatre Department listed above.

Writing-Enrichment Courses: THE 3110, 3120, 4850

Computer-Intensive Courses: THE 2300, THE 3680, and THE 3690.