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The Leadership Program fulfills an important role in the Methodist University curriculum. The Tally Center for Leadership Development was founded in 1995 on the belief that our country urgently needs better leaders in all walks of life. The Center offers an Associate of Arts concentration in Leadership and Management and two interdisciplinary academic minors: One in Leadership Studies and the other in Church Leadership.

The Leadership and Management A.A. concentration is especially targeted toward military students, who can get a significant portion of the requirements satisfied through their military experience (check with the program director for more information). The Leadership Studies Minor is appropriate for students of all majors preparing for any career path. The Church Leadership Minor prepares students for lay positions within established churches, mission organizations, para-church ministries, camps, youth ministries, and other ministries.

Within the Tally Center students participate in innovative courses, student-led activities, campus and community events, and off-campus internships. In addition to leadership theory and practice, the Center emphasizes ethics, character, and civic responsibility.

The Center brings to students something long absent from liberal arts education: practical training necessary for effective participation and leadership in today's complex society. With its own inhouse, certified facilitators, the Center instructs the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This, plus other tools, place the Center at the forefront of leadership training in the nation today. It is not necessary to declare a Leadership minor to enroll in the Leadership courses. The courses are available, without prerequisites, to all students as electives.

Requirements for the A.A. Concentration in Leadership and Management: 18 s.h. to include LSS 300, BUS 343, plus any two other LSS courses, plus two of the following: BUS 300, BUS 320, or BUS 485.

Requirements for the Minor in Leadership Studies: 18 s.h. — LSS 300, 320, 340, and 470 or 471, plus 6 hours in a Module of Electives approved by the Program Director. (Module of Electives: BUS 343, BUS 375, COM 280, ECO 301, HIS 422, IDS 301, MSC 402, WEL 308, PHI 220, PSC 201, PSC 305, PSC 333, PSY 310, PSY 361, SOC 253, SOC 384, SWK 315 OCL 271, OCL 340, OCL 360, OCL 370, OCL 390.) Other appropriate electives may be substituted with the approval of the program director. In some cases, other internship experiences may substitute for LSS 470 or LSS 471.

Requirements for the Minor in Church Leadership: 18 s.h. — LSS 300, REL 201, REL 202, LSS 460, LSS 470 (the internship must be in a church or some other ministry), and one elective (either SOC 253, SWK 315, PSY 330, OCL 360, SWK 350, or OCL 390).