Student Spotlight

Michael Duprey '13

Michael Duprey, Class of 2013
Global Studies

I first learned about Methodist when my mother took a course in German at the University. When I was choosing where to attend, I knew I was looking for a university that offered a cross-disciplinary program focused on emerging global trends. Methodist’s Global Studies Program created an environment that gave me the chance to pursue research that overlaps traditional fields, and the school’s diverse international student body gave valuable, wide-ranging alternate perspectives in the classroom. Along the way, I presented multi-semester research in computational social network analysis at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research Symposium and Methodist’s Undergraduate Research Symposium, both of which were exhilarating experiences where I was able to gain valuable feedback. Additionally, I attended some excellent undergraduate workshops at Duke University and the NSF’s Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute—all of which were fantastic opportunities to connect with others in the fields of research I’m interested in.

I worked throughout my undergraduate studies at a digital media company and consulted as a statistical programmer for a research firm. In my free time, I volunteered with open source mapping projects through the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. I am currently employed as an education analyst with RTI International in Research Triangle Park.

If I had to summarize my MU journey in one word, it would be, “formative.” Methodist’s small average class size, great professors, and international students are some of its biggest advantages. If you want to actively participate in discussions and are open to learning from your fellow students, Methodist would be a good fit.

Michael Duprey ’13
Education Analyst, RTI International
Global Studies
Durham, North Carolina


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