Student Spotlight

Megan Wilson '14

Megan Wilson, Class of 2014
Business Administration/Resort & Club Management

I would describe my MU journey as life changing. I came to Methodist as a very shy and reserved person. I got involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) during my freshman year, and through this involvement, discovered a lot about myself and my leadership capabilities. Since Methodist University is a small institution, students are able to dive in and get involved in many different clubs and organizations. 

I also served as the vice president for SGA. We worked together as an organization to make changes around campus and grant money to the other 100+ clubs. I served as a resident assistant, a campus ambassador, and a member of Alpha Delta Pi. I sang in different choral groups, attended Fellowship of Christian Athletes every Tuesday, and was voted Homecoming Queen and Miss Methodist. 

Being involved in different areas around campus gave me the opportunity to be part of one of the first community engagement projects here at MU, the Pine Forest High School Mentor Program. We went to a local high school and mentored junior and senior high schoolers on ways to be strong role models for the incoming freshmen. This was a very rewarding experience because it allowed me to meet a lot of great people and interact with them in a positive and uplifting manner. 

My MU journey taught me a lot about myself and has allowed me to grow into a young adult. Methodist has prepared me for my future after college and given me great confidence in my leadership, time management, and organizational skills. I am nothing but thankful that I can call Methodist my home because of the person it has allowed me to become.

Megan Wilson ’14
Business Administration with a minor in Resort & Club Management
Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina


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