Student Spotlight

Anja Sakotic '13, '16M

Anja Sakotic, Class of 2013
Mass Communications/Legal Studies & MBA Program

Accepting a scholarship to attend Methodist University was probably one of the best decisions I could have made for myself, as well as for my academic development. I was not completely aware of the degree that life on another continent would shape my character and change my perspective of the world. Today, I can say with confidence that Methodist University has brought out the best in me.

MU graduates get much more than a degree. As an international student majoring in Mass Communications and pursuing a minor in Legal Studies, I was given an outstanding opportunity to develop my knowledge and acquire practical experience in media relations. Everything I learned in Mr. Trigoboff’s classes was applicable in my work study position. Studying Mass Communications and working in the Office of University Relations afforded me a great deal of preparation. I learned the basic theories, ideas, and laws that exist in the media world. My work-study experience provided me with a perspective on presenting the news to various publics and gaining the interests of larger audiences. I have covered events on campus for the alumni magazine, written press releases, taken photos for social media sites, and assisted with marketing and branding efforts for the institution. Thanks to Ms. Wendy Vonnegut, I discovered a passion for the legal system in the United States, and gained very clear ideas about my aspirations for future employment.

Leaving Methodist was almost like leaving home, which is one of the reasons I decided to continue my education in MU’s MBA Program. Even though I will no longer be on campus on a daily basis, Methodist will never leave my life. I carry my experiences with me—through every single work assignment I complete, every task I accomplish, and every chance I get to implement my knowledge. My MU journey is a collection of everlasting memories, made possible by outstanding individuals.

Anja Sakotic ’13, ’16M
Mass Communications with a minor in Legal Studies
Master of Business Administration
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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