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Student Government

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The Methodist University Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of all full-time day students as well as evening students who choose to pay the activity fee. The association is governed by a constitution and directed by officers and senators elected by the student body. The purpose of the SGA is to represent the students to the University administration and design programs to meet the needs of the students. All students are encouraged to participate in the programs sponsored by the SGA and to provide new ideas for implementation. Meetings are held weekly and are open to all students.


Doris Munoz, advisor to the Student Government Association

Doris Munoz
Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Student Involvement Center
(910) 630-7022


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2016 - 2017 Executive Board Members

Jason Sparrow Kyle Colborn
Jason Sparrow
Kyle Colborn
Vice President
John Estle Ziere Diggs
John Estle
Ziere Diggs
Chief Justice
Emily Creasy  
Emily Creasy



  • Jalen Anderson
  • Jesseca Bell
  • Emily Brennen
  • Stephanie Campbell
  • Taylor Cates
  • Brooke Coats
  • Nicholas Davis
  • Morgan Faircloth
  • Hannah Fickle
  • Nina Gibbs
  • Kayla Hales
  • Aunna Hinkle
  • Adam Kurbansho
  • Kayla Mcloughlin
  • Hunter Owens
  • Jordan Pietrolaj
  • Austin Saunders
  • Travon Scott
  • Austin Sizemore
  • Brock Waynik

Didg Revolution: Aboriginal Music & Culture

Presented by Friends of Music

Didg Revolution is composed of Darren Liebman, Rob Thomas, and Tanya Gerard. Thomas and Gerard are didgeridoo...

Union-Zukowski Lecture

Adolf Hitler and the United States: Views, Plans, and Policies and the Jewish Question in All Three

Guest Speaker: Gerhard Weinberg