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Dr. Kathleen Fick

Associate Professor of Mathetmatics

Office: M-105-B
Phone: (910) 480-8401

Mailing Address:

Methodist University
Department of Mathematics
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311


  • Ph.D. - Auburn University
  • M.S. - Auburn University
  • B.S. - Buena Vista University

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics education

Research Interests

  • Mathematics education
    • preparing future educators
    • restructuring elementary and middle school programs
  • Understanding and identifying levels of abstraction
  • Error analysis
  • Understanding and use of manipulatives


  • Cub Scout leader
  • Religious education instructor
  • Tennis
  • Camping


Recognition and understanding of three-dimensional solids (with H. Goeden and T. Zismer), to be submitted to Teaching Children Mathematics (refereed), in progress.

Teacher learning and math manipulatives: A collective case study about teacher use of manipulatives in elementary and middle school math lessons (with L. Puchner, A. Taylor, and B. O'Donnell), School Science and Mathematics (refereed), 108 (2008), No. 7, 313 – 325.

Paint by logic, PCTM Magazine, 46 (2008), No. 3.

Definition understanding and interpretations: The isosceles triangle and the trapezoid, Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics (refereed), 57 (2007), No. 2, 18 – 21.

The flaws of FOIL (with T. Voepel), The Illinois Mathematics Teacher (refereed), 58 (2007), No. 1, 24 – 29.

Cube Construction with Origami, ICTM Make It Take It CD, 2006.

Comparison of eigenvalues for 2n-th order eigenvalue problems, Communication of Applied Analysis (refereed), 8 (2004), No. 1, 17 – 26.

Extremal points for a 4th order boundary value problem (with J. Henderson), Communications on Applied Nonlinear Analysis (refereed), 10 (2003), No. 1, 77 – 84.

College algebra and curriculum reform: A critical partnership for women in mathematics and the Sciences (with S. Daggett), Avila University's Women's Studies Forum, 9 (2003), No. 1, 5 – 6.

Eventual right disfocality on time scales. In honor of Professor Lynn Erbe. (with J. Henderson and W. Yin), Journal of Difference Equations and Applications (refereed), 8 (2002), No. 4, 371 – 387.

Existence of positive solutions of a 2n-th order eigenvalue problem, Non-linear Differential Equations: Theory-Methods and Applications (refereed), 7 (2002), No. 1 & 2, 86-96.

Multiple solutions for fourth order boundary value problems, Mathematical Sciences Research Hot-Line (refereed), 4 (2000), No. 3, 1-16.