Public Safety Contacts

Public Safety Contacts

Emergency Number (910) 630-7577

This number may be used to request emergency assistance or report suspicious or criminal activity at any time. The Telecommunicator who answers will direct the appropriate responders to callers as quickly as possible, but will also ask for critical information. Please answer all questions as accurately as possible and remain on the line until the Telecommunicator advises you it's OK to end the call. If you accidentally dial the emergency number, it's not a problem. Simply explain what happened to the Telecommunicator before ending the conversation.

Main Office (910) 630-7149 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

This number may be used to contact the Public Safety Business Office, the Director/Chief of Police, the three Lieutenants (of Police Services, Security Services, and Safety and Support Services) and the Office Manager during regular business hours. Please use this number for information regarding

  • Campus Parking and Vehicle Registration
  • University Identification Cards
  • Lost and Found

You may also ask to be connected to the Police Services Section to obtain a copy of a police report or to speak with a Police Officer concerning an investigation. The Police Office may also be reached directly by dialing 630-7661 for these services.

Welcome Center (910) 630-7098 (24 Hours)

This number reaches the Welcome Center, which is staffed at all times. Non-emergency information and assistance may be obtained from the Welcome Center. Community members and guests may request an on-campus security escort at any time. To avoid delays, resident students who are expecting visitors should pre-register their guest(s) at the Welcome Center. (Refer to Student Handbook for Visitation Policies)

Crime Stoppers (910) 630-7287 (24 Hours)

This number reaches the Campus Crime Stoppers Hotline. Crime Stoppers callers are able to remain anonymous by calling the hotline number and recording their "tip". Should the caller desire a monetary reward, they must call back during business hours. Callers will then receive a unique code number that will be used as an identifier, thus maintaining anonymity throughout the investigation.

Silent Witness Program

Like Crime Stoppers, Silent Witness provides yet another channel for a person to anonymously report a crime or provide information to help solve a crime. Simply click on the link for the Silent Witness, fill out the form and submit.

Emergency Call Boxes

There are a total of 23 emergency call boxes located throughout the campus (view the map). The emergency call boxes are identified by distinctive blue signs. Call boxes located outside also have a blue light displayed above them. Each emergency call box has two call buttons. Press the BLACK button for non-emergency assistance. Press the RED button for emergency assistance only. Officers will respond to you immediately.


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