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PGA Golf Management Internships

To view an interactive map for locations where we have had interns please click HERE

PGA Golf Management Internships (170, 270 and 370) 1 semester hour each

Experiential learning in all aspects of golf management acquired through a twelve-week internship at a golf facility. The student is assigned duties and responsibilities approved by the faculty member and PGA professional at the site. Supervision and evaluation is conducted by the faculty member and the on-site professional. Written reports and evaluations are required at the completion of each phase of instruction. Placement is made by the PGA Golf Management faculty member in consultation with the student. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for each internship. This course is offered every summer semester. PGM 170 prerequisite: PGM 204; PGM 270 prerequisite: PGM 170; PGM 370 prerequisite: PGM 270.

PGA Golf Management Internship (470) 12 semester hours (pass/fail)

PGM 470 is a 7 month internship after all academic requirements are met. It is the final work experience that blends all classroom academic learning with the everyday practical application of the golf business. All graduation requirements must be met prior to registering for PGM 470. PGM 170 prerequisite: PGM 204; PGM 270 prerequisite: PGM 170; PGM 370 prerequisite: PGM 270. This is a pass/fail grade.

Internship Policies & Procedures

Internships represents an integral link between the academic structure of a university degree and an understanding of day-to-day operations within the golf industry. The PGA Golf Management concentration requires internships of all students and is conducted in accordance with the PGA of America guidelines. Internships are conducted during the summer months between the academic school years with an extended internship scheduled at the end of the senior year.

Students involved in internship activities do so as representatives of Methodist University and as future members of the PGA of America. Therefore, they are expected to promote the ideals associated with the game of golf and maintain a high level of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. All students should be familiar with and understand Article II, in the Code of Ethics of the PGA of America handbook. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in disciplinary action to include, but not limited to, dismissal from the PGA Golf Management Program.

Internships will be designated in the university catalog as PGM 170 (3 months), PGM 270 (3 months), PGM 370 (3 or 5 months), PGM 470 (7 months). PGM 170, 270 and 370 will carry one (1) semester hour of credit.  PGM 470 will carry twelve (12) semester hours of Pass/Fail credit. All academic requirements must be met including PGM 170, 270, 370 and successful completion of Level 2 prior to registering for PGM 470.

Students enrolled in the PGA Golf Management Program will complete an internship for a minimum of three months following the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. A five-month internship may be allowed with approval from the Internship Director. An extended internship of seven months will be required following the senior year. Any deviation from this policy will require the approval of the Internship Director.

Students failing to adhere to the internship policies and procedures or failing to maintain the standards of the University during the internship will receive a failing grade for the internship and could be subject to dismissal from the PGA Golf Management Program.

To be eligible for an internship, Methodist University requires that CSC 100 (or BUS 225 for Reeves School of Business Majors ONLY) must be satisfied before completing 60 semester hours. Students are required to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to be eligible to participate in an internship for credit. Students are required to complete PGM 201 and PGM 202 prior to PGM 170. Internships not completed on schedule will have to be made up at the conclusion of the program in order for the student to graduate with the PGA Golf Management designation. Any student who is ineligible for (2) internships due to academic or other reasons will be dismissed from the program. A student will not be allowed to do more than ten months of internships at the end of their senior year.

Activities pertaining to the internships conducted within the program are governed by the University and by the PGA of America. These activities are under the direct supervision of the Internship Director who is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

Site requests for interns, evaluation of sites and selection for placement of PGAGM students.

  • Monitoring of site employers for compliance with internship agreements.

  • Monitoring site employer’s evaluation of PGAGM students.

  • Monitoring of student interns evaluation of site during internship.

  • Conducting appropriate student interviews and follow-up after each internship.

  • Maintaining appropriate documentation regarding internship sites, placements and evaluations.

  • Verification of academic eligibility

Students must meet with the Internship Director to discuss desired internship placements.

  • All internship positions must be approved by the Internship Director.

  • The Internship Director is responsible for making initial contact with the intended employer either by phone or by email and will forward a copy of the students resume (electronically) to begin the job placement process.

  • Interviews between the golf professional and the prospective intern can generally take place whenever it is convenient for both parties. These may occur over the fall break, during the holiday seasons, or at the PGA Show in Orlando. In some cases, telephone interviews may need to be conducted due to distance, travel and related expenses.

  • Once you have the approval, you must fill out the Internship Information Form and return it along with a copy of the job posting to the Internship Director. This form is posted on our PGA Golf Management blackboard site and is available at the PGAGM offices.

  • All internship forms are required to be submitted by the last day of class of each semester.

  • A Supervisor Verification Survey (done through Survey Monkey), will be emailed to all employers the first week of June.

  • The Employer’s Evaluation Survey (done through Survey Monkey), will be emailed to all employers that have 3 or 5 month interns the first week of August. Seven month employers will be emailed the first week of October. Internship supervisors are required to assign a letter grade with the evaluation.

  • All grades are to be officially posted in the Registrar’s Office at the conclusion of the internship.  These grades will be reflected on the fall semester transcripts.

  • A Certificate of Appreciation along with a renewal application for interns is sent in October.

  • All PGA Golf Management students are required to meet with their assigned advisors early in the semester for the purpose of academic advising and conducting a post internship evaluation. The advisors solicit feedback on facilities and supervisors and have the student complete the Student Evaluation Form and the Internship Exit Interview Form.

  • All of these forms and surveys are placed in the student’s file by the end of the fall semester.

Students failing to complete an assigned internship (i.e., termination, suspension, quitting, etc.) will receive an F (failing grade) for the internship. Students must report changes in internship status within 48 hours to the internship director at 910-630-7145

The PGAGM staff will conduct on site visitations during the internship periods. Students will be visited a least once.