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PGA Golf Management Curriculum

Founded in 1986, PGA Golf Management has been structured to allow a student to choose between a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing or Financial Economics, each with the concentration in PGA Golf Management.

Business Administration Major (51 hrs.)

Marketing Major (54 hrs.)

Financial Economics Major (54 hrs.)

Accounting Major (61 hrs.)


PGA Golf Management Core Requirements & Courses

PGM Academic Advising Procedures

  1. Advisor/Student Meeting - All students are recommended to meet with their assigned PGM Academic Advisor prior to pre-registration each semester. During the meeting, the advisor will hand out the appropriate PGA Golf Management academic checklist and discuss future course options. Also at this meeting, students will discuss Internship opportunities and PGA/PGM Work Experience requirements.
  2. Group Advising Meeting - All students are encouraged to attend the Group Advising Meeting at mid-semester to receive a pre-registration booklet, pre-registration form, a copy of their updated transcript of complete courses, and a copy of their mid-term grades. The pre-registration meeting times, which is based on hours completed, will be announced at this time. Freshman 0-30 hours; sophomore 31-62 hours; junior 63-94 hours; senior 95 and above.
  3. Early Registration Meeting - All students are strongly encouraged to attend the early registration meeting to get their schedule approved before submitting them to the Registrars' Office.
  4. Early Registration - Students should submit their early registration form on the dates assigned by the Registrars' Office.
  5. Post-Early Registration - Students who are closed out of a course(s) should meet with their PGA Golf Management Advisor to add course(s) to have a full course load of 12-18 semester hours. Failure to complete their academic schedule will require the student to add course(s) at the beginning of the semester to be classified as a full-time student.