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Thank you for visiting the MU Physician Assistant (PA) Program's Preceptor Page. We hope the following information and links provided will be helpful in assisting you with gathering more information about being a preceptor.

The preceptor is an integral part of our student's clinical year education. Preceptors will serve as role models for the student and, through guidance and teaching will help students perfect skills in history taking, physical examination, effective communication, physical diagnosis, succinct recording and reporting, problem assessment, and plan development including a logical approach to further studies and therapy (PA Education Association [PAEA]).

The PA profession is well-positioned to help meet the demand for health care providers. While the majority of PA programs are willing to consider increasing [and/or maintaining their enrollments], limited clinical training sites and preceptors are the most significant barriers to program expansion [and quality]. In order to increase the number of PAs graduating each year to meet projected workforce shortages, the number of clinical training sites must be increased. This is where clinical PAs and physicians can step in to help their profession by precepting PA students, just as other PAs and physicians did for them. "Paying it forward" will enable clinically practicing PAs to help train the next generation of PAs and carry the whole profession forward (PA Education Association [PAEA]).

The MU PA Program is a 27 month program that consists of two phases: didactic and clinical. The didactic year is the first 3.5 of semesters of the program and is dedicated to classroom teaching. The final 3.5 semesters of the program are clinical rotations that consist of 13, four-week rotations, which are outlined below.

Rotation Type Rotation Length
Internal Medicine I, II 10 weeks (2, 5 week rotations)
OB/GYN 5 weeks
Family Medicine I, II 10 weeks (2, 5 week rotations)
Pediatrics 5 weeks
Emergency Medicine 5 weeks
Psychiatry/Orthopedics 2 weeks/3 weeks
Surgery 5 weeks
Elective 5 weeks

The program relies heavily on local and neighboring medical communities to take students on rotations. As one of the more established programs in the state, our students have continued the tradition of having a solid medical foundation prior to entering their clinical year and have proven to be competent and compassionate health care providers.

Methodist University provides our preceptors with:

  • University Faculty Appointment: Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Currently, Category II CME for PA recertification. Effective June 2013, Category I CME for PA recertification.
  • $500 reimbursement, for non-federal employees, per student, per month (Payments on a quarterly basis)
  • Coverage of the PA student's malpractice insurance
  • Free use of University libraries and other facilities

As a practicing physician in the Fayetteville area for more than 20 years, medical director of the MU PA Program since its' inception and as a former preceptor for our program it is my hope you are willing to help dedicate your time and knowledge to the clinical education of our students. If you have any questions regarding being a preceptor or would like to become a preceptor you may view the helpful links provided below, contact our clinical department at (910) 630-7475 or submit your contact information via the Want to be a preceptor or have questions page.

Christopher Aul, MD
Medical Director
Methodist University PA Program


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