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Applicant FAQs

The following information may be helpful for applicants who are applying to the program. Please read this information in it's entirety before contacting the program.

Outstanding Prerequisites
As noted in our initial email, the following attachment is a letter noting any outstanding prerequisites. This letter outlines outstanding prerequisites and is noting that the program is aware of your planned or in-progress work. This notation is made out to the side of the deficient prerequisite(s). If for some reason there are discrepancies in what is listed as outstanding and what you may have already completed, please make sure you first review all prerequisite requirements to ensure you have or will meet our requirements and recommendations.

I see the word "planned" or "taken" next to some or one of my outstanding prerequisites. What does that mean?
If "planned" or "taken" is noted to the side of the coursework, GRE scores or hours, the program is aware, based on your CASPA application, that the applicant has taken the GRE, but official scores have not been received, and/or that the applicant is in progress or planning to complete that specific requirement. If "planned" or "taken" is not beside the requirement, but the applicant has a plan to complete the class or hours, please submit in writing (email) the anticipated institution, semester and completion date.

The following requirements are often overlooked and/or should be noted:

  • The program requires 6 semester hours of psychology, not 3 semester hours.
  • Sociology courses do not fulfill psychology requirements.
  • We require 500 hours of clinical experience. Hours that include comforting patients, stocking rooms, escorting/transporting patients, student training hours (i.e. C.N.A. rotations), and shadowing providers other than a PA, MD, or NP will not be accepted.
  • If you have completed or exceeded 500 hours of clinical experience it is not necessary to update the program of additional hours. If extended an interview, you may update the program of additional hours when requested.
  • Biology and Chemistry courses with a lecture and lab: If you score a C- or below in the lecture portion of a course, but received a C or better in the lab, grades are not averaged. The lecture must be retaken.
  • AP credit from high school for requirements is accepted, but must be reflected on the CASPA application. If AP credit is not listed on the CASPA application, official transcripts must be mailed to the program (see below for mailing address).
  • Please keep reading for recommended GRE scores and how to submit them.
  • Please keep reading in regards to coursework and clinical experience updates and deadlines.

After you have reviewed our requirements and there are still discrepancies
Applicants are asked to email or call the MU PA Program Office of Admissions (information below). In some instances, coursework may be overlooked or there was a program decision regarding that specific requirement. The program is more than willing to address any concerns and will review the application again to ensure the accuracy of our initial screening.

Official GRE scores are to be sent directly to CASPA via code 0399. There is no 'hard deadline' on when GRE scores have to be received. However, applicants should note if they do not submit GRE scores the application cannot be considered further. The MU PA Program only accepts the GRE and to be competitive with the applicant pool, we recommend a combined score of:

  • Tests taken prior to August 1, 2011: 1050 or higher
  • Tests taken on or after August 1, 2011: 297-300 or higher

GRE scores are not waived regardless of educational background. If you are a re-applicant, the program does not keep official scores on file.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
The MU PA Program requires three LORs. They should be submitted from:

  • A science advisor or professor*
  • A medical coworker or supervisor. If you have shadowed a physician or PA they should write a LOR.
  • Another employer or another medical coworker.

*If the applicant is in progress of completing the bachelor's degree or is a recent graduate (within 1-3 years) he/she will be expected to submit an academic letter of reference.

CASPA will mail your application with at least two letters submitted. If an applicant's final recommendation is in the process of being submitted, CASPA will make the letter available when it is received. Applicants who have already submitted three letters to CASPA and are deficient in a letter from a professor or supervisor, or who want to submit additional LORs, may have the individual submit their letter via email (preferred), mail or fax the letter directly to the program. No more than 5 LORs are preferred.

What is the timeline for completion of coursework and hours? How do I update the program on completed prerequisites?

  • Coursework: Applicants have until the start date of late- August to successfully complete coursework requirements (no grades below "C" will be accepted, "C-" is not acceptable). All required coursework must be completed and no substitutions for our coursework will be accepted. Applicants needing to update coursework at the completion of classes should submit official transcripts directly to the program. Transcripts should not be sent unless updating coursework.
  • Clinical Experience: All contact hours must be completed by July 15th of the year entering. Outstanding hours should be updated by your supervisor by requesting he/she email the program the number of hours completed since the submission of the CASPA application.

If an applicant has no anticipated plan to complete the deficient coursework, GRE, or hours, he or she is asked to withdraw the application. Any unsuccessful completion coursework or hours by the set deadlines will result in forfeiture of the applicant's seat, if offered.

How are applicants selected into the program?
Applicants considered to be competitive based on, but not limited to GPA, GRE, and clinical experience will be invited for an on- campus interview with our Admissions Selection Committee (ASC). On-campus interviews are during the week (usually on Wednesdays), typically begin in September and continue until the class is filled. All applicants selected for an interview will receive an invitation, via email, at least three to four weeks prior to their interview day. The program does not grant acceptance without an on-campus interview and travel expenses are the applicant's responsibility. Interview format is provided to the applicants who are selected for an interview.

How competitive is the program?
The 2012-2013 application cycle (aka: Class of 2015) yielded 555 applications for 40 seats. 90 (16%) invitations to interview were extended. 40 seats are available for the 2013-2014 application cycle (Class of 2016).

When does the class fill up and is there an alternate list?
Historically, the class can be filled as early as December or January, but as late as March or April. Obviously, every year is different, making it difficult to predict how quickly our class can be filled. Therefore, it is imperative for applicants to have updated the program with anticipated dates of completion and to have submitted GRE scores. Considerations will close no later than May 1 and applicants not selected for an interview will be notified via email. Applicants are encouraged to withdraw their application if there are intentions to attend another institution or if interest in attending PA school is no longer an option.

The program does interview for an alternate list once the class has been filled. If chosen to interview for the alternate list, applicants will be informed in their invitation that they are interviewing for the alternate list. Applicants who are placed on the alternate list and who are not offered a seat in the program because a seat was not available are not guaranteed admission into the next class.

Contacting the Program (Mailing Address, etc.)
Applicants are not encouraged to wait to contact the program if there are any discrepancies in their outstanding coursework. Please review all requirements prior to calling or emailing. Do not have others (i.e. spouses or parents) call on your behalf. It is against policy to share any information regarding an application with anyone other than the applicant. The program communicates with applicants mostly via email. Therefore, applicants should check their email on a regular basis (keep an eye out on your spam box).

Application statuses will not change from week to week. If you are considered competitive for an interview the program will contact you. Weekly or daily calls are not encouraged. However, we do encourage applicants to contact us to make sure transcripts, GRE scores, and/or hours are received.

All emails will be returned within 24 hours during business hours. If applicants do not receive a response, your email was not received. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Mailing Address (for transcripts, LORs):
Methodist University PA Program
Attn: Jennifer Mish
5107 College Centre Dr.
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Email (for electronic transcript submissions, questions regarding requirements, outstanding coursework, submission of LORs):

Admissions Telephone*: Toll Free: (800) 488-7110 ext. 7615
Direct: (910) 630-7615

*Applicants outside EST: Unless noted, the program will return voicemails on EST. If you are in a different time zone and leave a voicemail, please include a preferred time to call you back.

Admissions Fax: (910) 630-7643

Applicants are expected to demonstrate professional courtesy at all times when contacting the program. As stated above, if there is an oversight of an outstanding prerequisite the program will make every effort to review your application again and gently request you to be understanding and patient as we address your questions in a timely manner.