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Major Requirements

Middle Grades Education majors are required to complete a Professional Licensure sequence and choose two concentrations from Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Professional Licensure Requirements

EDU 2000, 2400, 2420, 2510, 3300, 3420, 3620, 4070, 4190, 4200, 4210, 4500, and 4470; SPE 2550.

Language Arts Concentration

The English professors will ensure that you acquire content knowledge through your experiences in a variety of English classes to include grammar, writing, and literature. They will also provide you with tutoring, individualized instruction, and a caring atmosphere, all to ensure that you are successful. In their classes, the Education faculty will enhance your methodology and pedagogical skills to ensure that you are a confident, competent conveyer of content knowledge that you have acquired. In addition to coursework, the Education faculty will provide you with multiple authentic experiences to include practicums and a series of Field Experience courses for you to practice delivering your content knowledge.

Requirements: 9 s.h. chosen from ENG 2110, 2120, 2210, 2220, 2310, 2320; ENG 3220, 3230, 3620, and two of the following: ENG 3420, 3500, 3710, 3740, 3910, 3940, 4040, 4050, 4070, 409, 4110, 4120, or 4140.

Mathematics Concentration

In the Mathematics Department, a student coming to Methodist University can expect exceptionally low student/professor ratios. They can also expect individualized attention which can be really important to a student’s success in the mathematical content courses. Our professors are both caring and supportive.

Requirements: MAT 1130, 1140, 2200, 2310, 2320, 2500, 3150, and one from the following: MAT 3050, 3090, 3012, or 3200.

Science Concentration

Middle Grades Teacher Candidates have a choice of two concentrations which provide them with a wider range of specialties. Students who choose science as one of their concentrations receive training in all of the major science categories to include Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Planetary Science. A student obtaining a degree in Middle Grades could easily transition to the General Science Education with Licensure option, if approved. This option also would allow students to complete a double major in Science. There is great need for both Science and Math teachers. The Middle Grades program offers students personal attention with smaller class sizes.

Requirements: CHE 1510; PHY 1510; GLY 1600, 2000 and 3000; BIO 1530 and 2430 or 2440.

Social Studies Concentration

"We Teach Citizenship Skills" - Successful citizenship depends on being able to interpret sources within their contexts. Social Studies helps students find the meanings in sources as diverse as a political speech or a pop song, a lawsuit or a Twitter post, and consider their significance before responding at the ballot box, online, or in the street. At Methodist University, Social Studies teachers do not merely learn the facts of History or Geography, they develop as historical thinkers, researchers, and writers, and learn to inculcate the same skills and habits in their students. We teach citizenship skills.

Requirements: ECO 2610 or 2620; HIS 1030, 1040, 2010, 2020, 3620, 3700, and one additional HIS at the 3000/4000 level.