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If you are considering a rewarding and challenging occupation in the field of Education, pursuing a teaching certificate in the Middle Grades from Methodist University will provide great flexibility and job marketability over the life of your career. At Methodist, we offer two degree concentrations. Students may also select from among four of the following content areas: mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. These content areas are combined to allow choices for any combination of two, which allows for a total of 12 unique programs. This design enables students to select content areas of interest and to build upon their given strengths. Students will enter the profession, solid in their content knowledge, in two disciplines, and well prepared as a Facilitative Teacher from Methodist University’s professional education core classes.

Additionally, a certified, highly qualified middle grades teacher (grades 6-9) is a rare and much sought after commodity in school systems throughout the country. As a Middle Grades Education major at Methodist University, you are trained in compliance with state and national standards. Through courses such as Human Growth and Development, Educational Psychology, and Middle School Methods, you learn how preteens and early teens think. You come to understand adolescent students in their emotional, physical, psychosocial and intellectual development, and learn how to teach, respect and motivate them through their most formative years. Through field experiences in local schools, lab work, lectures, participative interaction, case analysis and student teaching, you perfect your own personal style of teaching. You will have an opportunity to learn the latest advances in educational technology in our computer labs, and educational technology classrooms.

For the candidate seeking Middle Grades Education, Methodist University’s Professional Education Faculty offers a combined experience of over 100 years. Students learn in a supportive, caring climate, where students are known by their first names, and given individualized attention. Methodist University’s Education Department will ensure that you are highly qualified and enabled to enter the teaching profession with confidence and the assurance needed to champion a successful and fulfilling career as a Middle Grades Educator.

Dr. Terry Randall
Coordinator, Middle Grades Education

Methodist University's Teacher
Education Program is accredited
by the Council for the Accreditation
of Educator Preparation

CAEP Disclosure
The Methodist University Teacher Education Program utilizes a highly comprehensive assessment system to ensure the performance of its Teacher Candidates. Title II of the Higher
Education Opportunity Act mandates
that the U.S. Department of Education collect data on state assessments and standards for teacher licensure and certification, as well as performance
data pertaining to teacher preparation programs. Methodist University's
Title II Report Card, including
performance data on the state exams,
can be found by clicking the link to
Title II Report.