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Education Faculty
Ms. Vickie A. Erben
B.A., Methodist College; M.A., Campbell University.
Assistant Professor of English Education
Phone: (910) 630-7489

Professor Erben's NC certification areas are as follows: English 9-12, Language Arts and Social Studies 6-9, Reading K-12, and Special Education K-12.

"As a 9th grade English teacher, I was sponsor of the Renaissance Festival during the study of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Students chose from a variety of projects on which to work. Darious, Shawn, and Keljin, three young men in my class, chose to rewrite the balcony scene from the play in modern day language and act it out. Shawn was a noted trickster, while Darious and Keljin, both repeating 9th grade, were infamous for staying in trouble and in the principal's office. Darious dressed in tights, playing the part of Romeo. Shawn dressed in one of his mother's Sunday best dresses and donned a damsel in distress cap with a scarf billowing from the top. Keljin hid in the bushes with a copy of the script to prompt the other 2 if they forgot a line. They did such a good job and ended up doing several encore performances for everyone in the school. To this day, the principal tells me, 'I can't believe you got those guys to do that.'"

Dr. Sue Godwin
B.S., M.A., East Carolina University; Ed.D., South Carolina State University
Director, Master of Education Program
Associate Professor of Education
Phone: (910) 630-7060

Dr. Godwin received her doctorate in Educational Leadership, is experienced in early childhood, elementary education, reading and has spent much time in her career working with curriculum and instruction with public school teachers.

"As a second grade teacher at Margaret Willis Elementary School, I was involved in a variety of instructional methods with colleagues. We experienced co-teaching, looping, and multi-age grouping. My second grade colleague and I shared teaching responsibilities in science and social studies. Our interactive lessons kept our students engaged. At the end of the school year, on the way to the buses the last day of school, one of the student's from my co-workers class hugged me goodbye and said, 'Ms. Godwin, I will miss social studies!' How rewarding those comments can be to us as professionals."

Dr. Jaunita White Heyward
B.S., Bennett College; M.A., Ed.D., Fayetteville State University

Associate Professor of Education
Coordinator: Art, Elementary Education
Phone: (910) 630-7051

"When I think that I have been in the Education field for 45 years I have to ask, "Where has all the time gone?" I have so many memorable stories; this is just one that comes to mind.

Before coming to MU 23 years ago, among my many experiences, teaching Kindergarten for 15 years is included. Tying shoes is one of the many skills I began teaching my students early during the year. On one day, I just got tired of seeing Jackie’s untied shoes; he had not mastered the skill yet. So, I tied his shoes not once, but twice, making sure the laces would not come untied again during the day. Well, the next morning he came to me and said, "Ms. Heyward, I had to sleep in these shoes last night." I asked, "Why did you have to do that?" He said, "I couldn’t get them untied and my great grandma and great grandpa couldn’t either." I had no idea both his grandparents, who he lived with, had rheumatoid arthritis. He did learn to tie his own shoes by the end of the year."

Dr. Jennifer Williams Mour
B.S., Methodist College; M.A., University of North Carolina at Pembroke; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Assistant Professor of Education
Coordinator: Field Experiences & Student Teaching
Phone: (910) 630-7374

Dr. Mour received her doctorate in curriculum and instruction, is experienced in elementary education methods, and serves as a mentor for 1st and 2nd year teachers.

"I knew I had arrived after teaching my first class of second graders about the different types of clouds. A few days after we finished the unit on clouds, we were heading in from recess. One of my little girls, Angel, took my hand and looked up at the sky. She was quiet for a moment and then asked, 'Is that those cumulonimbus clouds you taught us about?' That was almost 20 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday."

Dr. Yvonne Nolan
B.S., Gordon College; M.A., California State University; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Professor of Education, Department Chair
Coordinator: Special Education
Phone: (910) 630-7373

Dr. Nolan received her doctorate in Youth and Child Studies Specialization Area- Special Education. She is experienced in teaching students with special needs across exceptionalities and in a variety of settings. Areas of interest include instruction in the conducting of functional behavioral assessments to aid in the development of positive behavioral supports, co-teaching and collaboration to ensure student success.

"There have been so many memorable moments in over my 15 years in the classroom and that is what makes this such a great profession! There isn't a day that goes by when you aren't laughing...either with or at your students. What other profession allows you to make such a difference in the lives of children. There is almost a daily feeling of accomplishment for both you and the student when they understand a difficult topic or concept but each time it happens it is like the first! Ronald, a giant child who played football and was in the 8th grade had a specific learning disability in reading. He couldn't understand a short story he was reading so I sat with him and developed a story board. In the middle of the lesson, he stopped, looked at me with a big grin on his face, and said with complete surprise and triumph, "Hey, I understand this." He put his arms around my neck and gave me the biggest hug... I prayed the whole time that he would let go before I lost consciousness!"

Dr. Terry Randall
B.S., M.A., Ball State University; Ed.D., University of Miami (Ohio)
Assistant Professor of Education
Coordinator: Middle Grades Education
Phone: (910) 630-7054

Dr. Randall is experienced in Public School Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Coordination of Special Services, and School Improvement Initiatives.

"A memorable teaching moment occurred for me when a High School Valedictorian I had taught in the 4th grade invited me to attend an Honor Banquet some eight years later. He said it was because I had demonstrated such concern for his welfare after his school had been destroyed by a tornado."