Finley Bullard Evans
2014 Contest Winner
Finley Bullard Evans
2014 Contest Winner

Finley Bullard Evans was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. She is the author of a memoir, Two of Em In There: A Southern Writer’s Journey to and Through the First Year of Twin Motherhood, and a poetry chapbook, Third Girl. She divides her time unevenly and joyfully between writing poetry, spending time with her husband and twin sons, Max and Harry (age 11), and attempting to manage the well-being of their household, which also includes their two dogs, Thelma Lou and Fife.



When I kissed you good-bye
in the hospital (the day they gave you six months),
it was clumsy and quick,
a spitfire exit on the way to the next thing.
I think we both knew we would not
see each other again. There was a little flash
not of fear or terror in your eyes,
but of recognition, as if you'd seen it before,
the kind of leaving.
Our goodbye was not mournful
or overplayed as if to the last drop of life.
It was perfectly underwhelming,
as are most goodbyes between friends.

© 2014 Finley Bullard Evans

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