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Welcome to Justice Studies!

Through this department, students can earn a BS in Justice Studies/Criminal Justice and Applied Forensic Science. In addition, students can earn a minor in Applied Forensic Science, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity, or Legal Studies. Prospective students who already have an undergraduate degree and professional experience can earn an MJA, or Masters in Justice Administration.

The purpose of the Justice Studies Program is to provide students with a systems orientation to the field of criminal justice and a holistic view of behavior, conditions, and circumstances that produce crime and criminality. Crime, criminality, and the criminal justice system are studied from a social science perspective. Students acquire a knowledge base and comprehensive understanding of criminological theory as it applies to the causation, prevention, control, and treatment of criminal behavior. Students are provided the opportunity to study the application of forensic science within the context of the investigative process. The program provides students the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in interpersonal communications, program and policy development, community organization, planning and research to function in a professional position in the field of criminal justice.