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Welcome to the Methodist University Honors Program!

Dear students:

Welcome to the Methodist University Honors Program web site. Our Honors Program offers you the chance to distinguish yourself, as a student and a person, by studying the classics of Western civilization.

If admitted to the program, you will gather with fellow students and a faculty guide on a weekly basis to discuss your readings in the classics. You will be encouraged to think for yourself and learn the tools needed to improve your reading, discussion, and critical thinking skills. Such skills will distinguish you and serve you well in school and in life.

Other benefits of the program are more immediate and include graduation recognition and advising/registration perks. You will also have the opportunity to participate in various social and cultural opportunities throughout the year. Finally, the program affords eligible students study abroad opportunities.

Our students enjoy being in the program and are proud of their accomplishments. We hope that the challenge of our Honors Program attracts you. We look forward to hearing from you, to meeting you, and to working with you.

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh for more information:


Richard Walsh
Honors Program Co-Director

"The Honors Program is a great learning opportunity and a chance to challenge yourself."

"There are many pluses to the Honors Program, including early registration,
that you'll learn to appreciate."

"The books I've read in the Honors Program have been great works that
have helped me relate to other

"This class makes me feel intelligent."

"I like it when I recognize allusions in
other classes. It opens my eyes to everyday life."

"Even if this were a club where you
wouldn't get credit, I would still be in it."

"I like the challenge."

"The class makes you a better, faster reader."

"I understand Philosophy!"

"It's a perk to be surrounded by hard-working, intelligent students."

"The Honors program is a wonderful addition to class schedules at
Methodist University. Not only does
the Honors Program provide a forum
for intelligent conversation, but the
Honors Program also creates a place
where one can meet interesting and
unique characters that one might
not otherwise come in contact with.
Also, the Walshes are a true bonus
to the academic environment."
- Susanne Graves