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Application: E-mail the following information to


The Honors Program Co-directors believe that motivation and interest are as important in determining success in the program as academic record is. Therefore, we request that you write a 100-250 word statement detailing your reasons for wishing to be in the program. Address your interest in reading and discussing the Great Books in a seminar forum.

Personal Information:

  • What is your full name and MU student ID#?
  • What is you major & minor/concentration?
  • For which semester are you seeking admission to the Honors Program?
  • What is your status as a current or incoming student: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior?
  • Are you an incoming Presidential Scholar?
  • Are you an incoming UWC student?
  • If you are a current student, which MU faculty, staff, administrative, or Honors Program member recommended you?
  • How many semesters do you have remaining to be completed at MU?
  • What is your expected date of graduation?