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Our Mission

History provides a course of study that enables students to develop basic skills in research, analysis, and critical thinking needed to adapt to the changing world. The study of history is a foundation of a liberal arts education because a basic knowledge of the past is essential for engaged participation in the present.

As an introduction to history, all Methodist University students take two semesters of history to enhance their cultural literacy, promote appreciation of different cultures, and develop analytical skills. All Methodist University students must take History 104, which covers World History from 1500 to the present. For the second required history course, students may take any other History Department offering. See the upcoming History course schedule for classes offered over the next year, or come by and talk to a member of the history department about courses we will be teaching in the future.

History is a broad and inclusive major, and historians increasingly use tools from other disciplines to make informed judgments about the past. The scope of history has expanded significantly within the last fifty years to include virtually every aspect of human experience. A history major learns to research, evaluate, and articulate ideas and information. The major is reading and writing intensive. Students learn to comprehend a reasoned argument and analyze its supporting evidence.

History majors work in a wide range of jobs both in the private and public sectors of the economy. Teaching on the secondary level is a common career path for history majors, but they are also well qualified for a number of professional programs. A history major or a history minor is a traditional background especially for students interested in law school, public administration, and MBA programs. At Methodist University, students with a specific interest in contemporary history, politics, international affairs and economics may decide to specialize in Global Studies, an interdisciplinary major housed in the History Department. Global Studies students take classes in history, political science, language, and business and economics. See the Global Studies Major page for more information.