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* = Chapter was found responsible by the Office of Student Involvement for violating one or more elements of the Code of Student Conduct and is currently under disciplinary sanctions.

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Lambda Chi Alpha

2012-13 Officers

High Alpha - President: Dylan Pusey

High Beta - Vice President: Stephen Krunich

High Theta - Vice President: Zebulan Dula

High Gamma - Secretary: Taylor Reisser

High Tau - Treasurer: Andrew Harper

High Iota - Risk Manager: Anthony Horne

High Kappa - Fraternity Educator: Luke Sheetz

High Delta - Recruitment Chairman: Chris Lynch

High Phi - Ritualist: Benjamin Wise

High Sigma - Educational Chairman: Ryan Bledsoe

High Epsilon - Social Chairman: Aaron Fournier

High Rho - Alumni Secretary: Christopher Harper

High Pi - Alumni Adviser: Gilliam Wise

Standards Chairman: Taylor Reisser

Chapter Adviser: Cu Phung

Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1909. Lambda Chi Alpha is an International Fraternity that centers itself around seven core values. These values are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Lambda Chi Alpha was the first Fraternity to completely ban hazing in 1972. Also, there are no "pledges" in Lambda Chi Alpha. Once an individual joins, they become an Associate Member who are able to vote, hold office, etc. The only thing that separates an Associate Member from a full member is the Ritual. Lambda Chi Alpha joined the Methodist University campus in Spring 2009.

Lambda Chi Alpha Student Site

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