Graduation General Information

Graduation General Information

Graduation Clearances

Library Clearance: All Library books and TMC materials "must be" returned by May 1, 2017 for Spring 2017. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD. All items checked out by seniors are due by the final due date. Any items not returned by this due date will be billed to the student's account, including a restocking fee ($5.00) and billing fee ($5.00). If the items are returned after the bill is sent, we will credit the student's account for the cost of the items, and the restocking fee; however the billing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Graduation Tickets

The date for issuing Fall 2017 Graduation tickets is in April (Graduates will be emailed). Graduating seniors can pick-up their graduation tickets for family and friends from the Academic Affairs Office in the Horner Administration Building after they have cleared the Business Office. Please return the COMPLETED CONTENTS of the graduation packet and complete your EXIT INTERVIEW before you pick up your tickets.

Five tickets are available for each graduate; your sponsor does not need a ticket. Please note: There is reserved seating for graduation until 1:55 PM. Only those with tickets will be allowed to enter. After 1:55 PM., any remaining seats are open to the public.

Graduation Honors

Students who graduate with honors will be recognized at graduation. The Registrar will not release this information. The appropriate designation will appear on the student's diploma and permanent academic record. Only the student's cumulative residency grade point average will be considered for graduation honors as follows:

  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.90
  • Magna Cum Laude: 3.70
  • Cum Laude: 3.50

The Academic Catalogue under which a student graduates determines residency and other criteria for honors.

Obtaining Caps & Gowns

Jostens will be on campus March 13 and 14 , 2017 for Spring 2017 to take cap and gown orders (included in graduation fee) from 10 AM until 4 PM in the Berns Center and March 14, 2017 from 5-7 PM in the Trustees Building. Jostens will return to campus in April to pass out cap and gowns. If you miss either of these dates, caps and gowns will be available for pick-up following graduation rehearsal on May 5, 2017. Before your cap and gown will be issued, you must have cleared the Business Office and Financial Aid. You must have your clearance slip with you.


Hooding Ceremony

Let us know the name of the sponsor (parent, spouse, child, faculty member, friend) who will hood you at the graduation ceremony. The hooding ceremony takes place as you cross the stage to receive your diploma. Your sponsor, who holds the hood during the ceremony, will place the hood over your head just as Dr. Hancock shakes your hand and hands you the diploma.

The academic hood is a visual representation of your level of academic achievement and the scholastic degree being conferred. The hood is designed to be worn with the velvet side up and the small tapered end in front. The small tapered end has a cord you may attach to a shirt button to prevent the hood from riding against your neck. The velvet trim represents the learning discipline (major), the chevron represents the college or university conferring the degree, the lining represents the college or university, and the black shell is the traditional color determined by the Intercollegiate Bureau.

Graduation Announcements/Class Rings  

You can order graduation announcements by phone at 1-800-424-1492 or order on-line at


Raul Rubiera - Photographer of Fayetteville will be working during graduation and will contact you about prices in case you wish to purchase pictures.  This firm will also be present to take pictures of you in cap and gown (if you wish) from 11:00 - 2:00 P.M. in the lobby of Reeves Fine Arts Building on May 5, 2017.  Please bring your own cap and gown for this picture.  A hood will be provided.

Flag Presentation

If you are a native of a foreign country, please indicate which one. If you are interested in presenting your flag to the University during the graduation ceremony, please notify the Office of Academic Affairs at (910) 630-7031 prior to April 7, 2017 for Spring 2017.

The UnivMethodist University Sealersity Seal

The University seal was designed early in the life of Methodist University. The horse and rider in the center are reproduced from a picture of Francis Asbury, the first bishop of the Methodist Church in America, who was referred to as the "Prophet of the Long Road."

The horse and rider are also symbolic of his successors, the early Circuit Riding Clergy, in their never-faltering efforts to carry the influence of the church into the frontiers of America. Education has from the beginning been a traditional consequence of the heritage of the early church.

The Latin words Veritas et Virtus mean "Truth and Virtue." The pursuit of truth is the primary aim of education, and this motto embodies the idea of joining education with the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love.

The Methodist University Mace

A mace is derived from the medieval period as a symbol of authority of the body that governs the institution. It has been used by parliaments where business cannot be conducted until the mace is placed before the Speaker of the House.

The Methodist University Mace carried by the faculty marshal was designed and executed by Linda Anderson and Mary Grace Cain. The mace was wrought by Robert Bricker of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Most United Methodists are familiar with the two flames and cross at the top. The globe with the university seal is symbolic of the worldwide service the university has rendered, and the ribs of the shaft represent eight groups which support the college: The United Methodist Church, trustees, administration and staff, faculty, alumni, students, parents, and public and private groups. At the bottom of the mace is a cotton blossom. It is a reminder of the inaugural address given by the first President of Methodist University (then Methodist College), Dr. L. Stacy Weaver, entitled "From Cotton Field to College."

The streamers contain these words from the university's Alma Mater: "Green shall grow thy fields of learning; Gold shall glow thy torch of truth."

This mace was given to the university by the late R. Parker Wilson, Distinguished Service Professor of history, in memory of his father, Martin Morehead Wilson, and for the glory of God.

Inclement Weather Lineup

If we implement the inclement weather lineup procedures, please observe the following:

  • STAFF: Line up at the normal time (1:25 p.m.) in the normal location
  • FACULTY: Line up at the normal time (1:15 p.m.) DOWNSTAIRS IN RIDDLE
  • GRADUATES/SPONSORS: Line up at 1 p.m. in the RIDDLE HALLWAY where we normally wait to begin the processional

Pam Ellis-Phipps will send an email on the morning of Graduation when the decision is made, and our Public Safety Officers who are directing traffic will also know.


Baccalaureate Service

Join us for breakfast to honor the graduates prior to the service at 9:45.

About the Baccalaureate Speaker

Rev. Tiffany Knowlin is an...

54th Spring Commencement

Admission by Ticket Only



Clery Act Training Seminar (CATS)

The Methodist University Department of Public Safety has partnered with the Clery Center to host a Clery Act Training Seminar (CATS). This training was...