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Terry Sanford Lecture Series

This lecture series promotes public awareness of current political affairs by inviting experts to deliver scholarly lectures on topics within the field of Political Science. Sponsored by the Department of Government Studies of Methodist University, the series is named for and honors Terry Sanford.

Methodist University has had no better friend than Terry Sanford. In the mid 1950s, Terry Sanford persuaded the North Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church to locate a new college in Fayetteville. In 1956, he was elected the first Chairman of the Methodist College Board of Trustees and held that position until 1967. It has been said that there would be no Methodist College in Fayetteville had Terry Sanford not stepped in and sold the idea.

Terry Sanford's life (1917-1998) of public service was extraordinary. He served as an Army paratrooper in World War II (1942-1946) and received the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart. After earning his law degree from UNC Chapel Hill, he practiced law in Fayetteville from 1949-1957. He was perhaps this state's best known political figure, becoming State Senator in 1952, Governor of North Carolina in 1960, and U.S. Senator in 1986.

His commitment to education was admired by all. As Governor, he pushed for a state community college system. Later, he proposed the North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant, which today greatly benefits students at Methodist College and any of the state's other 36 colleges or universities. In 1970, Terry Sanford became President of Duke University and held the position until 1985.

Terry Sanford's record of leadership and dedication continues to inspire us. Speaking at Methodist College on May 7, 1989, he said: "What do you care about? It will cost you your life, whatever your answer. It might as well be something noble. It would be a pity to have given your life for selfishness, for greed, for nothing."

Past Speakers

Hon. Michael W. Cotter, October 29, 2001
Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan
"Tracking Down the Terrorists in Afghanistan"

Mr. Roger L. Stancil, February 22, 2002
Fayetteville City Manager
"The Rewards and Challenges of Serving in Local Government"

Dr. Akram F. Khater, October 28, 2002
Professor, North Carolina State University
"The US and the Middle East: A Clash of Civilizations?"

Dr. Paul Luebke, April 11, 2003
NC Representative and Professor, UNC-G
"A State Lottery: Is It Right for North Carolina?"

Rep. Rick Glazier, October 20, 2003
NC Representative for Fayetteville
"Government is Too Important to be Left to the Politicians"

Mr. Robert Wilkie, April 16, 2004
Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
"America and the World: An Insider's Look at US Foreign Policy"

Mr. Charles Stokes, October 1, 2004
Civil Protection Team, U.S. State Department
"Human Rights Atrocities in Sudan"

John Douglas Hall, April 1, 2005
Historical Portrayal of James Madison
"The Separation of Church and State in a Constitutional Republic"

Norvell "Tex" DeAtkin, February 10, 2006
Colonel, US Army Retired
"Projections for Success in the Iraq War"

John Bumgarner, February 19, 2010
Cyber attacks investigator and consultant
"Cyber Warfare: Are We Prepared?"