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Alfred E. Cleveland Award for Excellence in Teaching

In 2009, President Elton Hendricks announced the Alfred E. Cleveland Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest teaching award at Methodist University. All faculty and students are invited to nominate a Methodist University faculty member for this endowed award to be presented annually at the Awards Day Convocation. A faculty member must have completed three full academic years of full-time teaching at Methodist University before being eligible for consideration, and at least three full academic years must elapse before a prior recipient is again eligible for consideration.

To nominate a deserving faculty member, faculty and students should submit a letter of support indicating how the nominee fulfills the criteria set forth below to the Administrative Assistant to the VPAA, The recipient is chosen by a selection committee comprised of the University President, VPAA, two faculty members, and two students, further identified as follows:

  1. The students serving on the committee will be the Student Government Association (SGA) President and the Chief Marshal for the current academic year.
  2. In the first year of the award, the two faculty members serving on the committee will be selected by the President and the VPAA. In the second year of the award, the faculty members will be the prior year's recipient and a faculty member selected by the President and the VPAA. In the third and subsequent years, the faculty members shall be the two prior year recipients of the award. If, for some reason, the two prior year recipients are not available, faculty members will be chosen from recipients from the prior year(s) until the two positions are filled.

Methodist University recognizes that the very cornerstone of its ongoing commitment to a campus-wide culture of excellence is the quality of its faculty. It is, therefore, appropriate to identify and recognize faculty members who have shown a commitment to excellence in the knowledge of their discipline, method of instruction, attitude, and interaction with students, both in and out of the classroom. The Alfred E. Cleveland Award for Excellence in Teaching is Methodist University's highest teaching award.

The Alfred E. Cleveland Award for Excellence in Teaching is given each year to the full-time Methodist University faculty member who best exemplifies excellence in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge. The faculty member exhibits content mastery (breadth and depth) and keeps current in his or her discipline.
  2. Method of Instruction. The faculty member exhibits clear signs of planning and organization with efficient use of classroom time.
  3. Instructor/Student Rapport. The faculty member demonstrates fair and equitable treatment of all students, encourages student involvement, and is receptive to student questions and suggestions.
  4. Teaching Behavior. The faculty member is effective in both oral and written expression.
  5. Teaching Attitude. The faculty member enjoys teaching the subject and the students. The faculty member transmits enthusiasm to the students, inspiring them to learn.
  6. Concern for Teaching. The faculty member shows interest in improvement by trying new techniques or creative ways of viewing the subject matter, making the subject matter relevant, and continuously striving for personal professional development.
  7. Stimulating Classroom Environment. By example, leadership, and expectation, the faculty member establishes a setting in which the students are encouraged to think, to question, to appreciate learning itself, and to utilize to the fullest extent their own capabilities.
  8. Student Achievements. Students of the faculty member show definitive evidence of outstanding performance/achievement both in the classroom and when they leave the University.
  9. Loyalty to the University, Its Goals, and Its Mission. The faculty member, by action and disposition, exhibits a firm commitment to the University, its goals, and its mission.

In sum, to nominate a deserving faculty member who meets the criteria for the first Alfred E. Cleveland Award for Excellence in Teaching, submit a letter of support by February 29, 2008, to Emily Bilog.

If you have any questions, contact Executive Vice President and Academic Dean