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Studying English and Writing at Methodist University

Methodist University offers a major and a minor in English and Writing and teacher certification in English (see requirements for more information). English and Writing majors prepare themselves for careers in law, teaching, public relations, industry, business, advertising, publishing, library & information studies, medicine, government, the ministry, and many other fields. They develop reading skills, analytical skills, and writing skills and knowledge about major writers of English, American, and world literature. Many employers seek to hire individuals with the breadth and depth of knowledge and the communication skills developed by most English and Writing majors. A number of Methodist graduates in recent years have gone on to prestigious law schools and graduate schools.

The Dirty Dozen is a list of
the twelve worst and most common
errors in English. For detailed
information, visit our page.

Error 1: The Fragment

Error 2: The Fused Sentence

Error 3: Comma Splice

Error 4: Subject and Verb
Agreement Error

Error 5: Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement Error

Error 6: Vague or Ambiguous
Pronoun Reference

Error 7: Misplaced Modifier

Error 8: Dangling Modifier

Error 9: Lack of Parallel Structure

Error 10: Inappropriate Shifts in
Person or Tense

Error 11: Error in the Use of
the Apostrophe

Error 12: Faulty Predication