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Mass Communications Curriculum

The purpose of the Mass Communications area of the Communication Department is to prepare students to work in the mass media in a number of possible capacities. We also help students become more aware of how the media affects their lives and how they can best help use it to serve the society of tomorrow.

Because mass communications is such a vast and diverse discipline, we offer three separate concentrations with a common core of required classes. Students are encouraged to specialize, but be knowledgeable in as many other areas as possible. The concentrations include TV/Multimedia Communication, Media Production and Management, Radio Communication, and Journalism.

With approval from the academic advisor, department chair, school dean, and vice president for academic affairs, comparable or substitute courses may be used to fulfill major and minor requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Degrees Awarded: B.A., B.S.

Requirements for the major: 48 s.h.

Mass Communication Core (27 s.h.): COM 105, 280, 470, 311, 312, 257, 258; plus SOC 332 or any approved research methods course, and OCL 360

The remaining 21 s.h. should be selected from one of the following three concentrations:

Requirements for Communication Minor: 24 s.h.: COM 105, 257, 258, 280, 470, 311, 312, and OCL 360.

Writing-enrichment course: COM 312

Computer-intensive courses: COM 255, 256, 303, 304, 305, 306, 321, 331, 341, 353, 406, and 441

Course Rotation Policy: All courses in the communication curriculum are taught on a two year rotation where the core courses are taught once a year at least, and in some cases once a semester and most electives are offered each year, but in some cases every other year.


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