Challenge Examinations

Challenge Examinations

Some Methodist University courses can be challenged by passing a validating examination. A request to take a challenge examination must be addressed to the appropriate department chair, who will make the final determination as to whether a specific course qualifies. Satisfactory performance on the validating examination earns degree credit on a pass-fail basis. The fee is $200.00 to sit for the challenge examination. Any student who takes a challenge examination for a course and fails the challenge examination, must wait a minimum six months before retaking the challenge examination for that course. In addition, the student must pay the challenge examination fee again.

Students need to check with the respective department chair about scheduling an appointment to take the challenge exam. The challenge exam fee must be paid at the Business Office prior to taking the exam.

The following departmental challenge exams are currently available at Methodist University:

Test    Course Credit  SH
Aural Skills I   MUS 1070 1
Aural Skills II   MUS 1080 1
Music Theory I   MUS 1610 3
Music Theory II   MUS 1620 3
Aural Skills III   MUS 2070 1
Aural Skills IV   MUS 2080 1
Survey of Music Literature   MUS 2600 1
Music Theory III   MUS 2610 3
Music Theory IV   MUS 2620 3
Piano Proficiency II   MUS 2750 1
Piano Proficiency III   MUS 3750 1
Symbolic Logic   PHI 2120 3
Speech Communication   ACL1510 3
Intro to Mass Communication   COM 1050 3
Basic TV Techniques/Procedures   COM 3030 3
Computer Science      
Intro to Computer Science   CSC 2010 3
Intro to Programming   CSC 2020 3
Justice Studies      
Criminology   JUS 3090 3
Research Methods   JUS 3320 3
Legal Studies      
Introduction to Law   LAW 2000 3
Health Sciences      
Concepts of Athletic Training   ATP 1590 3
Medical Terminology   HCA 2300 3
Biological Science   SCI 1420 3
Fundamentals of Biology I   BIO 1530 4
Fundamentals of Biology II   BIO 1560 4
Intro to College Math   MAT 1030 3
Finite Math   MAT 1100 3
Pre-Calculus I   MAT 1130 3
Pre-Calculus II   MAT 1140 3
Applied Statistics   MAT 2200 3
Calculus I   MAT 2310 3
Calculus II   MAT 2320 3
Discrete Math I   MAT 2500 3
Discrete Math II   MAT 2510 3
Exercise & Sport Science      
First Aid/CPR   PXS 2170 3
Exercise Science & Wellness      
First Aid/CPR PXS 2170 3
Concepts of Fitness and Nutrition WEL 2180 3
Field Experience   EDU 1420 1
Social Work      
Intro to Social Work   SWK 2310 3
Updated May 2019

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