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About the Center for Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit has gained new strength at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Through the Center for Entrepreneurship, the ideals of free enterprise and a market economy are flourishing.

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) under the Reeves School of Business (RSB) umbrella was founded by Dr. Sid Gautam, who pioneered business success and CFE programs for local businesses and Methodist University (MU) students for more than four decades. Dr. Sid, a native of India and a resident of Fayetteville for over forty years, was a professor of financial economics and recently retired after a 45-year journey of success and great dedication. Dr. Sid has welcomed the new CFE director, Marty V. Cayton, who is owner and president of Amerizon, Inc. Cayton, a 1990 MU alumnus and former U.S. Navy man, will continue the business success and legacy as director for the MU Center for Entrepreneurship. He has worked with the CFE for the past six years, serving on the CFE board of advisors along with a host of other key members from the business community. In addition to his duties as CFE director, Marty will also teach a class in entrepreneurship on Tuesday and Thursday evenings here on campus and he'll work with the RSB to present the regular CFE annual symposiums, business luncheons, and student programs. The CFE encourages students to build success through entrepreneurship and to take advantage of the MU minor in entrepreneurship.

The Center for Entrepreneurship’s goals are:

  • To help build a strong economy in Fayetteville, in Cumberland County and in southeastern North Carolina.

  • To provide opportunities for business and economic strategists to come to Fayetteville to share knowledge with those who would use that knowledge to improve the region’s economic climate.

  • To acknowledge and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • To work for a stronger, more diverse, more productive economy for Fayetteville, for Cumberland County and for southeastern North Carolina.

  • To help create the next generation of entrepreneurs for our region.

  • Innovative programs help spur and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit at The Center for Entrepreneurship:


"Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after another." –Walter Elliott

The Methodist University Center for Entrepreneurship seeks the involvement of global entrepreneurs in building an exclusive network of about 1,000 local, national and international mentors. These mentors will provide inspiration, encouragement, and specific guidance to upcoming as well as growing entrepreneurs. A closed communication network will be established that will provide information on the Center's work as well as enabling individual communication among the entrepreneurs and mentors.

Personal visits from local, national and international mentors will be regularly scheduled throughout the year, providing to our local entrepreneurs one-on-one mentoring services as well as the kind of inspiration and guidance that can be achieved from a successful speaker in the setting of a regional conference.

It will be the mission of the Center for Entrepreneurship to provide the practical guidance and the philosophical inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs that will enable them to rise above the statistics of new business failures and succeed in their endeavors. This will result in many individual success stories and contribute to the economic success of our community and our region.

Global network of entrepreneurs: This network will facilitate the process of close formal and informal exchange of ideas and provide a unique form of gathering of entrepreneurs. The Center will organize regional, national and international meetings, workshops, special training, and exchange of international entrepreneurs. Under the guidance of the Center short visits to the developed and developing countries will be planned to enhance close communications and exchange of ideas.


"I think it’s irritating that once I die, 55% of my money goes to the United States government…you know why that’s irritating? Because you would have already paid nearly 50%….when you leave a house or money to people, then they’re taxed 55%, so you’ve got to leave them enough so that once they’re taxed, they will have some money." Oprah Winfrey, August 1997

Business Succession aims to help businesses survive into second and third generations. Through a series of conferences, this program connects business owners with accountants, attorneys, estate planners and others with expertise in business succession.


"…an unidentified woman said, "Mother Teresa, no one can do what you do," the nun responded, "Who can make a difference? Anyone can." –Mother Teresa

Spirituality and Entrepreneurship explores the application of spirituality in a business setting through the collaboration of theologists, philosophers and business people.