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Police Managers Simulate a Mount Everest Expedition

On July 24, 2013 Dr. Bowman conducted a day long training session as part of the North Carolina Justice Academy's Management Development Program (MDP).

In that session, Dr. Bowman used a Harvard Business School online simulation to help 20 MDP students learn more about leadership, communication, and team effectiveness. In teams of five, the students engaged in a simulated Mt. Everest expedition. The teams were faced with numerous technical and leadership challenges in their attempt to summit the mountain. Not every team member made it to the top and each team learned the value of communication and leadership in balancing individual and team goals. Funding for use of the online simulation was provided by the Center for Excellence in Justice Administration.

Dr. Bowman presents to the North Carolina Police Executives Association

On July 22, 2013 Dr. Bowman presented Developing Effective Crisis Managers. In that presentation Dr. Bowman reviewed the tragic accidental shooting of a Lakewood, CO Police Agent by a fellow officer. The after action review of that incident can be viewed by clicking here. The District Attorney's review and conclusion of that incident can be viewed by clicking here. To provide the reader a visual frame of reference it is recommended that Google Maps be used to view a satellite image and/or street view image of 1940 Eaton St., Lakewood, CO. This incident has also been reviewed in Force Science Institute News Letters (#233 and #234). Dr. Bowman used this tragic incident to frame his recommendations for developing leaders who must operate in dangerous situations.