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Student Employment Hours

  1. Each contract will state the total dollar award and the number of hours to be worked each week. The awarded amount converts to work hours by dividing the total award by the Minimum Federal Wage. (Example: $1,000.00 Award /$7.25 Min. Wage = 137.93 or 140.00 Work Hours).
  2. Under no circumstance will a student work and/or receive wages for hours in excess of twenty (20) hours per week. The University work week is Sunday through Saturday. Hours worked will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis by the Payroll Office, when a student has worked in excess of his/her award he/she will be removed from the timekeeping system and his/her employment will end.
  3. Any time the total number of hours worked in one day exceeds six (6), the supervisor will be responsible for recording an explanation for the hours worked.
  4. Meal breaks of no less than thirty (30) minutes are required when a student works for a period of time longer than six (6) consecutive hours that have been pre-approved by the supervisor and are explained on the time-sheet.

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