Undergraduate Academic Internship Program

Undergraduate Academic Internship Program

The Methodist University Undergraduate Academic Internship Program is designed to extend and promote student learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting, allowing for professional application of theory-based skills. The internship is a carefully structured work experience in which a student pursues intentional, faculty guided learning objectives and actively reflects on what is being learned during the experience. In addition, internships are relevant to the students’ vocational and career goals, promote personal development, and are monitored and evaluated for academic credit.

Internship requirements

  1. An undergraduate academic internship requires a minimum of 50 hours for one semester hour of credit. (Excludes accredited degree programs.)
  2. Students who are interested in an academic internship must complete the MU Student Internship Release and Indemnity Agreement Form and submit it to their Faculty Advisor.
  3. Departments provide students with a contract that includes the following:
    • course requirements
    • handouts such as timesheets/portfolio templates
    • professional conduct/dress code requirements
    • estimated cost if applicable
  4. An Educational Affiliation Agreement should be fully executed with the internship site. If the site does not have an agreement, complete the MU Educational Affiliation Agreement form.
  5. Provide a list of expectations to the onsite supervisors/evaluators. A sample list is provided here.
  6. Evaluations of internships should include both a site supervisor evaluation of the student, a student evaluation of the site, and a department evaluation of the site at least biennially.
  7. The faculty member assigns the grade for the internship.

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