Accessibility & Disability Services

Accessibility Resources & Disability Services

In keeping with our mission statement, Methodist University is committed to giving students with disabilities equal access to an education firmly grounded in the liberal arts tradition; to nurture moral values and ethical decision making; to prepare students for a variety of careers; and to provide educational and cultural services and resources to the community.

The staff at the Center for Personal Development takes seriously their role in helping all students attain academic success at Methodist University. Their goal is to help students with disabilities by: acting as advocates in the university community; encouraging independence and responsibility through student self-advocacy; acting as a liaison between students and the university community; and by securing reasonable accommodations and/or modifications in classes for students with the proper documentation.

Our staff works closely with the admissions office and we would be happy to schedule a pre-admission conference to introduce both parents and students to our services. We encourage all students who may be using our services to register with the Accessibilty Resources/Disability Services Office before the beginning of their first academic year. However, students are welcome to discuss services at any time during their college career.

As you read through our posted information please feel free to contact us with your questions. You are encouraged to note suggested dates for accommodation requests in the Documentation and Access section.

For more information contact:

Linda Szulc
Director for Accessibility Resources/Disability Services
Phone: (910) 630-7402

Charmagne Williams
Assistant Director for Accessibility Resources/Disability Services
Phone: (910) 630-7404

Center for Personal Development
Fax: (910) 630-7263


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