With the creation of a clay sculpture, there are two desired outcomes. First, is the pleasure you derive from the actual act of producing the piece. Second is the artistic standards of the final sculpture are cause for the viewers' enjoyment.

In our Sculpture program, you will create three-dimensional objects in clay that stand on their own as works of art for others to appreciate. Learn to create hand-constructed sculptural works in both functional and non-functional forms. At Methodist, you will learn to choose and mix glazes and develop techniques for decorating your art. By combining knowledge gained from electric kiln firing, Raku, and other methods, you will give each piece individuality. Methods of handbuilding alter ideas. Some ideas are created to represent things in nature, to subtly suggest figural elements, or to design abstract forms. The resulting claywork offers enrichment to the viewers' visual sensibilities.

Requirements for the major in Art with a concentration in Sculpture

42 s.h.—ART 1010, 1020, 2030, 2050, (2070 or 2150, or AGD 2030), ART 3000, 3070 or 3150, 4070 or 4150, 3090 or 3100, 4010, 4020, ARH 253, and two of the following art history courses: ARH 2540, 3530, 3540, or 4850; and foreign language courses in one language through the 1020-level or demonstration of competence

Program Faculty & Staff

Silvana Foti, Professor of Art

Silvana Foti

Executive Director, David McCune International Art Gallery
(910) 630-7107
Kerry Scott Jenkins, Associate Professor of Graphic Design

Kerry Scott Jenkins

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
(910) 630-7042
Tori Jordan, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Tori Jordan

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
(910) 630-7118
Vilas Tonape, Chair of the Department of Art

Vilas Tonape

Chair, Art
(910) 630-7106

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