Organizational Communication & Leadership

The Organizational Communication and Leadership concentration in the Applied Communication major seeks to produce students who are ready to enter the professional world as effective communicators, whether in careers specifically involving public speaking, or in areas where such skills would be a clear asset.

The concentration provides training in human communication for professionals entering business, industry, social service, the ministry, public relations, and education. The mission is to produce graduates whose understanding of communication problems and solutions makes them uniquely qualified to contribute their expertise to the betterment of society at home, play, and work.

The organizational communication and leadership field has evolved to include the traditional rhetorical approach as well as a relational communication perspective. In recent years communication practitioners have begun to focus on organizational communication. Such study is concerned with the role of communication, management theory, and organizational structures in the workplace. Within the past decade various communication scholars have also included in their research the role and effects of communication on "leadership."

Requirements for the major in Applied Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication & Leadership

36 s.h. –

Required Core Courses (12 s.h.) – MAT 2200 or SOC 2200 or PSY 2500 or BUS 2160; OCL 3540, 4700, and 4900

Major Electives (select 12 s.h.) – COM 1050 or 2800; OCL 2710, 3400, 3600, 3700, 3750, 3900; LSS 3000, 3400

Leadership Electives (select 6 s.h.) – LSS 3000, 3200, 3400, 3750

Concentration Electives (select 9 s.h.) – COM 3350; BUS 3430, 3750, 3900; ENG 3200 or WRI 3200 – OR – ENG 3210 or WRI 3210; ENP 3010 or BUS 3010; ENP 3300, 3100; JUS 3300; MKT 2510, 4000, 4110; PHI 3200 or BUS 3200; PSY 3100; SOC 3320 or JUS 3320 or SWK 3320.

Requirements for the minor in Applied Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication & Leadership

18 s.h. from the courses above – 9 s.h. of which must have an OCL prefix

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Program Faculty & Staff

Brenda Mitchell, Instructor of Applied Communication & Debate/Forensics Coach

Brenda Mitchell

Instructor of Applied Communication
(910) 630-7653

Dr. Dave Turner

Professor of Speech
(910) 630-7409
Bill Watt, Professor of Speech and Chair, Department of Applied Communication

Dr. Bill Watt

Chair, Applied Communication
(910) 630-7191

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