Interdisciplinary Studies of Clandestine Labs

Clandestine laboratories that produce illegal substances such as methamphetamines and crack cocaine are a major threat to community safety, public health, and the environment. Law enforcement professionals, emergency first responders, social workers, environmental specialists, educators, and other public officials urgently need training and education in this subject. This interdisciplinary program instructs students in the recognition and identification of clandestine labs, situation assessment, crime scene management, victim assessment and trauma management, hazardous material handling, and environmental remediation. This program offers an associate of science degree and an academic minor, which are valuable for students majoring in several fields such as Justice Studies, Forensic Science, Environmental and Occupational Management, Social Work, and Political Science.


To protect community safety, public health, and the environment from the effects of clandestine labs through the education and training of competent entry-level professionals.


  1. To prepare students to enter the work force with the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the policies and procedures concerning clandestine labs
  2. To prepare students for continuing education and further professional and personal development.

Requirements for the A.S. concentration

ENM 1010, SWK 2310, ENM/LAW 2500, ENM/JUS/SWK 2600, ENM 3010, JUS 3970 or 4550, ENM 4500, and 6 additional s.h. from ENM, JUS, LAW, PSC or SWK; and a minimum of 9 s.h. in the sciences, either SCI 1410, 1420, and SCI 1430 or a minimum of 9 s.h. of CHE and BIO

Requirements for the minor

ENM 1010, SWK 2310, ENM/LAW 2500, ENM/JUS/SWK 2600, ENM 3010, JUS 3970 or 4550 and ENM 4500. 

Program Faculty & Staff

Kurt Smith

Assistant Professor of Environmental Management
(910) 630-7139
Wendy Vonnegut, Associate Professor of Legal Studies

Wendy Vonnegut, J.D.

Director, Legal Studies Program
(910) 630-7491

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