Requirements for the minor in Gerontology

18 s.h. including GRN 3010 and 3450; SWK 2350, GRN 4500 or 4700; and 6 s.h. from one of the following: SWK 3000, SOC 3050, SWK 3150, SWK 3800, or SOC 3880. A student doing a senior level internship in social work may substitute that course for GRN 4500 or 4700 if it focuses on senior adults and meets the approval of the Coordinator of the Gerontology Program.

Gerontology Courses


Aging, including historical perspectives; demographic trends; psychological and physiological processes of later life; and social role behavior in such areas as retirement, politics, religion, family life, housing, death, and dying. Cross listed as SOC 3010. This course is offered as needed.

GRN 3050 DEATH AND DYING (3 s.h.)

Personal and societal reaction to death with emphasis on euthanasia and suicide and the experience of the dying individual in relation to self, family, and care-providing institutions. This course is offered as needed. Cross listed as SOC 3050 and SWK 3050.


This course will examine changes with aging in various body systems, diseases found primarily among the aging, and maintenance of health in aging, especially through nutrition and exercise programs. Cross listed as SOC 3450 and SWK 3450. This course is offered as needed.


This course provides foundation knowledge and skills for working with older individuals, their families, and the community. Skills in helping such as interviewing, assessment and planning, intervention and evaluation, are presented and practiced as applicable to older adults. Systems providing services to older adults such as income maintenance, health care, nutrition, housing, mental health, social and institutional care are presented. Students learn strategies to act as advocates and change agents on behalf of older adults. Prerequisites: SWK 2310 and GRN 3010. This course is offered as needed. Cross listed as SWK 3800.


Students will design and conduct a research project on some aspect of aging. Prerequisites: Senior standing, completion of 12 s.h. within the Gerontology Program including GRN 3010, and permission of the instructor. Cross listed as SOC 4500. This course is offered as needed.

GRN 4700 INTERNSHIP (3 s.h.)

Student placement in an approved community setting for supervised learning experience. Minimum requirements of 1000 hours in the agency and a weekly on-campus seminar. Prerequisites: senior standing, completion of 12 s.h. within the Gerontology Program including GRN 3010, and permission of the instructor. Cross listed as SOC 4700. This course is offered as needed.

Program Faculty & Staff

Carla Fagan, Chair, Department of Social Work

Carla Fagan, Ph.D.

Chair, Social Work
(910) 630-7699
George Hendricks, Dean, School of Public Affairs

George Hendricks, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Public Affairs
(910) 630-7056
Tracey Hinds, Instructor of Social Work

Tracey Hinds, M.S.W.

Instructor of Social Work
(910) 630-7059
David Rogoff, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. David Rogoff

Assistant Professor of Sociology
(910) 482-4190
Regina Smardon, Chair, Department of Sociology

Dr. Regina Smardon

Associate Professor of Sociology
(910) 630-7088

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