Global Studies

In an increasingly interconnected world, the Global Studies major provides an interdisciplinary background for students interested in careers in government service, non-governmental organizations, the military, or working in other fields that require an understanding of global culture, economics, politics, and business. Global Studies majors take a selection of courses in foreign language, economics, history, geography, world literature, and political science to provide a balanced background in global culture. They then concentrate their studies in one or more areas including language, political science, business and economics, history or sociology.


Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major consisting of four main areas of study: economics, history, language, and political science. Students are also required to take courses in geography, literature, and religion. The mission of the program is to graduate students with a broad perspective and understanding of world cultures and the interaction between economic, political, and social spheres.


  1. Students who graduate with a major in Global Studies will demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of humankind, the cultural, economic, historical, and political interaction underlying world society.
  2. Students with a major in Global Studies will demonstrate skills of analytical (critical) thinking, research methods, oral presentations, and written communication that prepare them for employment and/or advanced study.

Requirements for the major in Global Studies

53 s.h.—ECO 2610 and ECO 2620; ENG 2310 or 2320; GEO 2520; GLS 4600, HIS 4550 or PSC 4600; HIS 2100 or PSC 2100; 4 semesters of a foreign language sequence 1010 to 2020; 3 s.h. of a foreign language at the 3000-level or 6-8 s.h. of a second foreign language; HIS 3700; PSC 1500; PSC 2270; PSC 3510; SOC 2560 or REL 1500. In addition, students take an additional 15 s.h. At least 9 s.h. must come from Groups A-D below. The remaining 6 s.h. may be selected from any of the other groups.

  • Group A: 3000/4000 level language courses.
  • Group B: PSC 3050; PSC 3470; PSC 4400; PSC 4510; One course from the PSC 4010-4100 series
  • Group C: BUS 3320; BUS 3430; ECO 4200; ECO 4520; ECO 4650.
  • Group D: HIS 3010; HIS 3050; HIS 3310; HIS 3810; HIS 3850; HIS 4110.
  • Group E: (Only 6 s.h. may be taken from this group.) SOC 2530; SOC 3600; SOC 3750; SOC 3800.

Program Faculty & Staff

Carl Dyke, Professor of History

Dr. Carl Dyke

Professor of History
(910) 630-7112
Karen Kletter, Professor of History

Dr. Karen Kletter

Professor of History
(910) 630-7079
Peter Murray, McLean Professor of History

Dr. Peter Murray

McLean Professor of History
(910) 630-7075
Patrick O'Neil, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Patrick O'Neil

Chair, History
(910) 630-7067

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