Methodist University Engineering Program LogoWelcome to the Methodist University Department of Engineering! Engineering is an exciting and versatile profession that is involved in almost every aspect of our daily lives and has a great impact on humanity. Engineers are problem-solvers through the application of science and math who, throughout history, have had a hand in innovations that have shaped society in one way or another. The SACSCOC-approved Engineering Program at Methodist University gives the opportunity for students to earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in engineering with a concentration in Industrial Engineering while also gaining a strong liberal arts foundation. As a result, you will become a well-rounded, sought-after industrial engineer by both traditional and non-traditional engineering employers. This demand results in lower unemployment rates and higher starting salaries.

The Department of Engineering’s goal is for each student to have his/her own real-world experience while obtaining the degree. Students in the Engineering Program will gain knowledge in the sciences, math, and engineering, as well as the liberal arts, while participating in many other enrichment activities such as service-learning projects, internships, and the MU Journey.

As a small, private liberal arts university, Methodist University is the perfect place to study engineering. The department is committed to maintain Methodist’s low student to faculty ratio, which results in individualized learning, tailored mentoring, and closer connections with fellow classmates. Methodist’s Department of Engineering also embraces a community-learning environment where students work closely together as well as experience one-on-one contact with the engineering faculty in and out of the classroom.

The Methodist University engineering curriculum offers flexibility so that each student may focus on his/her own interests such as health care, sports analysis, information systems, product development and design, or business while still obtaining the strong foundation necessary for an engineering career or graduate school in any engineering field. Most of the engineering courses are hands-on and centered on either a project-based learning environment, such as the senior capstone, or a discussion-based learning environment that draws upon current events and trends in engineering. The nature of this learning echoes the motto of Methodist University: “Engage, Enrich, Empower.”

  • Engage –when engineering students are more engaged in the classroom, they retain more knowledge and stay in the program. The educational experience in Methodist University’s engineering program engages students through hands-on learning, small class sizes, and class environments that promote active interactions between faculty and students.
  • Enrich – providing students with the appropriate knowledge through effective channels makes them more aware of their impact on society. Methodist University’s engineering program aims to provide every student with an experience where they can apply their classroom knowledge to a real-world problem.
  • Empower – when students experience inclusion and success in the classroom, they have a higher self-efficacy and can visualize how they will make a difference in the world. Throughout the engineering curriculum, students will be provided with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers and graduate school in engineering or any related field as well as to become leaders in the profession.

We welcome your inquiry and invite you to navigate around our website to learn more about the program. We look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals at Methodist University!

Denise H. Bauer, Ph.D., CPE
Founding Director and Chair
Associate Professor of Engineering
Department of Engineering
Methodist University

Program Faculty & Staff

Denise Bauer, Director, Engineering Program

Dr. Denise H. Bauer

Director, Engineering Program
(910) 482-5607
Parisa Eimanzadeh, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Dr. Parisa Eimanzadeh

Assistant Professor of Engineering
(910) 630-7463
Girish Upreti, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Dr. Girish Upreti

Assistant Professor of Engineering
(910) 630-7809

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