Students in the Department of English and Writing engage the world through literature, enrich the world through their own writing, and empower others to do the same.


  1. Students who complete core requirements will demonstrate that they have an understanding of basic principles of grammar and composition and that they have had an exposure to literature and to analysis and interpretation of literature.
  2. Graduates who have majored in English will demonstrate basic knowledge of British, American, and world literature and the ability to analyze literature logically and persuasively in well written, researched essays.

Requirements for the major in English

36 s.h. of English at the 2000 level or above (excluding 2070, 2600, 3610, and 3620); to include 4550, 15 s.h. of survey courses (2110, 2120, 2210, 2220, 2310, 2330), and 3220 or 3230 and 15 additional hours on the 3000/4000 level.

ENG 3740 (Shakespeare) is strongly recommended; and foreign language courses in one language through the 2020-level or demonstration of competence is required. All English majors are required and encouraged to take courses in foreign languages, philosophy, and the fine arts. 

Students interested in teaching English at the secondary level (9-12) should visit the English Education program page.

Requirements for the minor in English

18 s.h. chosen from any English courses at or above the 2000 level except 2070, 2600, 3610, and 3620 and including at least two 3000- or 4000-level English courses

Requirements for the A.A. Concentration in English

18 s.h. chosen from any English courses at or above the 2000 level except 2070, 2600, 3610, and 3620 and including at least two 3000- or 4000-level English courses

Requirements for the Writing concentration available in the English major and minor

With permission of the Chair of the English Department, a student may apply 9 s.h. of the following writing courses to the English major or 6 s.h. to the English minor: ENG/WRI 2040, 3210, 3240, 3250, 3260, 3270.

Sample Papers

The English faculty have provided these sample papers to assist their students. The files are password-protected for currently enrolled students only. Students can get the password from their English 1010 or 2070 professors.

Program Faculty & Staff

Nancy Alexander, Distinguished Service Professor of English

Nancy Alexander

Distinguished Service Professor of English
(910) 630-7695
Michael Colonnese, McLean Professor of English

Dr. Michael Colonnese

McLean Professor of English
(910) 630-7085
Morgan Dancy, Instructor of English

Morgan Dancy

Instructor of English
(910) 630-7320
Marian Dillahunt, Assistant Professor of English

Marian Dillahunt

Assistant Professor of English
(910) 630-7068
Cameron Dodworth, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Cameron Dodworth

Associate Professor of English
(910) 480-8571
Robin Greene, Professor of English & Writing

Robin Greene

Professor of English & Writing
(910) 630-7110
Emily Howson, Instructor of English

Emily Howson

Instructor of English
(910) 630-7163
Brenda Jernigan, Associate Professor of English

Brenda Jernigan

Associate Professor of English
(910) 630-7454
Laura Lamm, Assistant Professor of English

Laura Lamm

Assistant Professor of English
(910) 630-7637
Whitney Larrimore Strickland, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Whitney Larrimore Strickland

Assistant Professor of English
(910) 630-7360
Emily Leverett, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Emily Leverett

Associate Professor of English
(910) 630-7453
Megan Roberts, Assistant Professor of English

Megan Roberts

Assistant Professor of English
(910) 630-7655
Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh, Co-Director, Honors Program

Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh

Co-Director, Honors Program
(910) 630-7076
Stephanie Teasley, Instructor of English

Stephanie Teasley

Instructor of English
(910) 630-7086
Dr. Kelly Walter Carney, Chair, Department of English

Dr. Kelly Walter Carney

Chair, English & Writing
(910) 630-7376
Shannon Ward, Assistant Professor of English

Shannon Ward

Assistant Professor of English
(910) 630-7045
Emily Wright, Professor of English

Dr. Emily Wright

Professor of English
(910) 630-7551

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