Chemistry and the Physical Sciences are noted to be the central most of all the natural sciences. The strength of the Chemistry and Physical Science Department of Methodist University is its size. It provides tremendous opportunities for personal development by interacting directly with the professors. The program is very progressive, challenging, and exciting with excellent faculty and staff who are supportive of the students’ educational endeavors. Research in natural products and analytical forensic chemistry provides further values to the students future career be it graduate school, professional schools or industry.


The mission of the Chemistry and Physical Science Department is to establish a culture of excellence in preparing our students in the area of physical science (both majors and non-majors) for their careers and graduate school opportunities. The department will instill a solid fundamental knowledge of the physical sciences within our students, and further enhance that knowledge through scientific applications and experiences. Students will develop critical and active thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis abilities by being involved in hands-on scientific discovery process that is related to theory and real life through student-faculty research projects. For non-majors, we strive to enlighten the wonders of science that will raise the awareness in advance technology and the global environment and how to carry out and record the lab experiments, and interpret the results.


  1. Chemistry majors will be well prepared to enter graduate or professional schools or to enter the work force following their graduation from Methodist University.
  2. The average score of seniors taking the ETS major field examination in Chemistry will be above the national average.
  3. Non-science students who take science courses in our department will be tuned to their physical and chemical surroundings and of the impact of science on society.

Requirements for the major in Chemistry

36 s.h. in chemistry courses, including CHE 1510, 1520, 4860 or 4870, and 32 s.h. at the 3000 level or higher that includes CHE 3210, 3220, 3510, 3520, 4210 or 4220; PHY 1510 or 2510, 1520 or 2520; and MAT 2200, 2310, and 2320. CHE 3100 and 4500 are highly recommended. 

Students can also choose to major in Chemistry while adding one of three optional concentrations within the degree:

Requirements for the minor in Chemistry

16 s.h. in 3000-level chemistry courses

Requirements for the A.S. concentration in Chemistry

CHE 1510 and 1520 plus at least 12 s.h. of 3000 or higher-level courses for a total of at least 20 s.h. in chemistry; SCI 1410 and 1420 for a total of 6 s.h.; MAT 1050 or higher for a total of 3 s.h.; and a total of 29 s.h. for the concentration.

Hear from a Recent Graduate

Program Faculty & Staff

Vijay Antharam, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Vijay Antharam

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(910) 482-4191
John Dembosky, Jr., Associate Professor of Geology

Dr. John Dembosky, Jr.

Associate Professor of Geology
(910) 630-7556
Stephanie Hooper Marosek, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Stephanie Hooper Marosek

Wyatt Professor of the Sciences
(910) 630-7457
Eun Hoo Kim, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Eun Hoo Kim

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(910) 630-7433
Cu Phung, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Cu Phung

Professor of Chemistry
(910) 630-7137
Narendra Singh, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Narendra Singh

Chair, Chemistry & Physical Science
(910) 630-7132

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