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Welcome to the School of Arts and Humanities!

Dr. Steven P. Brey
The School of Arts and Humanities includes a number of liberal arts programs. A number of the disciplines help the student understand himself/herself and her/his world. For example, history, sociology, and women's studies look at past and present cultures. Psychology examines the self. Philosophy and religion ask a number of fundamental questions about the meaning of existence. Several disciplines help us communicate, especially English, writing, and foreign languages. Self-expression through art, music, theatre, and literature enrich the author/composer/artist/performer and the audience.

The twofold mission of the School of Arts and Humanities is 1) to provide a strong introduction to these disciplines within the liberal arts core curriculum and 2) to prepare students who major in one of these disciplines for a career or graduate program. Majors offered include the traditional liberal arts subjects as well as a number of professional majors or concentrations. A number of the disciplines may be combined with the appropriate education courses to achieve teacher certification. Even those majors not specifically tied to a professional course of study are highly valuable for career skills as well as personal growth. For example, competency in a foreign language is a marketable skill, as is writing proficiency.

Whether you are taking core, elective, or major courses, your experiences in the School of Arts and Humanities will expose you to interesting perspectives, stimulate you to think critically, and challenge you to discover new insights about yourself and your world.