Dr. Asa Wilson

Associate Professor of Health Care Administration
(910) 482-5573
McLean 120C
Asa Wilson, Associate Professor of Health Care Administration


B.A., University of Charleston; M.A., Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; M.S.A., D.H.A., Central Michigan University


Dr. Wilson completed his Ph.D. in psychology from Bowling Green State University and practiced as a clinical psychologist for a number of years. His focus was on family, couples and group therapy. He worked in a variety of settings before making a transition to health administration. He served as a Vice President or CEO of hospitals in Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Kansas.  In support of his professional development, he completed an MSA and DHA degree from Central Michigan University. His background in psychology provided a foundation for understanding, designing, and implementing organizational development initiatives; interventions that led to improved facility performance.

Research Interests:

Dr. Wilson has a number of publications in family and group dynamics as well as health care administration. His research interests are in performance improvement of health service organizations and health administration course design.

Personal Interests:

Dr. Wilson and his wife Rebekah have two grown children and three grandchildren. He enjoys B&W photography, cycling, and writing.


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