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Minor in International Business

Demand is increasing for people with the knowledge of the international environment within which both domestic and foreign businesses now operate. Many domestically educated managers have been at a distinct disadvantage in the international arena due to lack of language proficency, cultural sensitivity, and multinational knowledge. The minor in International Business is designed to help remove obstacles to success by applying the knowledge and skills from a major to an international setting. The International Business minor can be used to strengthen any major.


Requirements for the minor in International Business:

BUS 3***   Fundamentals of International Business


BUS 3330   International Business Experience

Plus 9 s.h. chosen from Group 1 and 6 s.h. chosen from group 2

Group 1: Choose 9 s.h.

ACC 2510   Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC 4620   International Accounting

BUS 3***    Fundamentals of International Business*

ECO 2610   Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 4520   International Trade and Finance

ECO 4650   Economic Growth and Development

MKT 4100  Global Marketing

Any course taken as part of a faculty led RSB Study Abroad

Up to 6 s.h. of any RSB Internship at a pre-approved site


Group 2: Choose 6 s.h.

IDS 3550    Study Abroad

HIS 2170    Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective

OCL 3600  Intercultural Communication

PSC 4010-4080 Area Studies

SOC 2530  Global Social Problems

Any Foreign Language

Or any course from Group 1


Contact: Dr. Mary Kirchner


Office: Clark Hall #116