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About the Reeves School of Business Internship Program

It is the belief of the Methodist University Reeves School of Business that experiential education in the form of internships is a highly beneficial aspect of modern higher education. Labor statistics indicate a strong correlation between participation in internships and post graduation employment success. The Reeves School of Business therefore strongly recommends completion of at least one internship experience to all students and mandates internship experiences in each of its Concentrations.

Since 1986, Reeves School of Business interns have provided invaluable service to local businesses, major corporations, resorts, clubs, and companies nation-wide and abroad, while gaining experience and broadening their knowledge of their field.

The Reeves School of Business recognizes a distinct difference between mere work experience, which may be acquired in any number of ways, and truly educational experiences within the workplace. It is the policy of RSB to only award academic credit for internships which are educational in nature. Therefore, previously existing employment does not qualify as an internship unless additional experiences or resonsibilities are to be added as a component of the internship.

The Reeves School of Business grants credit for qualifying internship experiences in each of its Majors and Professional Concentrations. Click on the appropriate link below for specific internship information.


Information for Employers



"Thanks to the opportunities in the Reeves School of Business, I was able to get an internship with an accounting firm who offered me a full time position upon graduation. Without Methodist, I would have never had this opportunity"

Julianne Summers '12





"If I were to give any advice, it would be to intern in as many places as you can. There are so many differences in clubs around the country. It is so important that we gain experieces in all aspects of the industry. It will only make us better managers in the long run"

Richelle Modolo '13

Resort Management