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About the Reeves School of Business

Dr. Kimberly Scruton
Dean, Reeves School of Business

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Dean's Welcome

Founded in 1986, The Charles M. Reeves School of Business and Economics offers accredited Bachelor's and Master's Degree program s across a wide range of business disciplines. Over 700 students are currently enrolled from 29 states and 17 countries.

The purpose of the Reeves School of Business is to fashion and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and creative economic endeavor. It does so by developing in students an understanding of the modern American economy, an appreciation of its power and institutional structure, and an ability to function effectively in it. The driving force of the United States economy is the entrepreneurial spirit. Without this innovative and creative thrust, whether in a major corporation or a small business, the economy will stagnate. The value of the entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to business. Innovation, creativity, and ethically responsible risk-taking are needed in government, the military, education and the church. The Reeves School of Business is dedicated to the development of this entrepreneurial spirit.

The Benefactor: Charles M. Reeves, Jr. (1919-1995)

Charles M. Reeves, Jr. was born November 15, 1919 in Sanford, North Carolina. He was graduated from Sanford High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1940; B.S. in Business Administration). Following WW II service in the United States Navy, he founded a bus company in Sanford. In 1949, he established Motor Credit Corporation, forerunner of Provident Finance Company, which was acquired by South Carolina National Bank in 1973. In addition to his dedication to the world of banking, Mr. Reeves was very active in community service organizations. He was also a former member of the Methodist University Board of Trustees. Mr. Reeves is described by his son as a classic "entrepreneur who sees opportunities and then works hard to translate visions into realities." Charles Reeves viewed himself as an optimist and a true believer in the American free enterprise system. In an effort to ensure that the next generation understands this system. Mr. Reeves offered a generous endowment to Methodist University [then Methodist College] in 1986 for its fledgling business program. The University then established the Charles M. Reeves School of Business and Economics.